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A V Rama Subrahmanyam, P.S. in BSNL A.P. Circle, Vijayawada Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:48:49 GMT +5.5

Respected Sir,

It is a great step in right direction to seek 15% fitment as per our PRC recommendations. Else Unions, may seek parity with other Absorbed employees.

With profound gratitude for all your efforts in my transfer to AP Circle.

Yours sincerely,

A.V. Rama Subrahmanyam
A.P. Telecom Circle

SANJAI SINGH Tue, 14 Nov 2017 23:06:18 GMT +5.5

Why only young executives are to be transferred, they have their children studying in schools and they also have different setups in their location. All the older executives have completed all their duties, they can move freely. I think they should be encouraged to take transfer and set examples before the young executives.

This is the problem with bsnl unions and associations, they always talk about the benefits of some specific cadre or some specific recruitment year.

R.K.Thakur Tue, 14 Nov 2017 20:00:10 GMT +5.5

Very impressive praposal

N.SREEKANTH RAO Sun, 12 Nov 2017 06:35:05 GMT +5.5

The General Secretary,
Respected Sir,
         Sub: Request   for   implementation   of   CPSE  structure of promotion  in  BSNL  after  effecting   some   
                 modifications  in  BSNL  Executive  Promotion  Policy  Amendment  and   Recruitment Rules, 2017
           The Executives, who are playing the pivotal role in enhancing the image of BSNL, have been
deprived of natural justice for many years. After the formation of BSNL on 01‐10‐2000, options were called
for absorption of Group B officers in BSNL. While calling of options for absorption of Group B officers from
DOT into BSNL, the Management had  offered assured time bound functional promotions up to JAG (SG).
But the Management has gone for time bound financial upgradation from one pay scale to next higher
pay scale which is not called as ‘promotion’. It has continued DOT post based promotion policy for each
and every level. Instead of taking a consistent stand to get implemented the Executive Promotion Policy in
its true concept, the BSNL Management and the Associations have been beating about the bush all these
            At last the Khan Committee, comprising of three senior officers and the General Secretaries of three
major Executive Associations, recommended   time bound functional promotions up to AGM level    very
much to the solace of the Executives especially the JTOs, who have been waiting like a stalking butler for
years for their promotion.   
            The Khan Committee submitted its report on 29‐07‐2015 and recommended the time‐bound
functional  promotions up to DE level and made  the following observation.
         “ At  present, time‐bound promotions are being given from JTO to SDE grade (E2) in 4 to 6 years,
            SDE  to  Sr SDE  grade (E3)  in  5  years  and  Sr SDE to DE grade (E4) in 5 years. They are  being  
            Being  given  higher  pay  scale but not higher designations. By  giving  them  designations also
through  conducting  CPC   with  higher  benchmarks,   BSNL   will   not  bear no extra financial
            burden. As per Deloitte’s Report, JTO to DE will have to work interchangeably  and availability
of  posts  for JTO  to  DE  will not matter. Implementation of time bound promotions will fulfill  
the commitment given to the executives at the time of absorption.”
             The Khan Committee reckoned the Executives working in E1/E2/E3/E4 scales as JTO/SDE/Sr SDE/
DE grades respectively irrespective of their substantive status.         
              All waited with great optimism that the CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal would be quite
symmetrical to the Khan Committee recommendations in toto without any dilution. But unfortunately the
the CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal, approved by the Management Committee, is very much detrimental to  
the interests of JTOs in E4 scale, who have completed more than 17 years of service in BSNL excluding the
service rendered in DOT. Any policy has to be a simple formulation without ambiguity and complexity,
should be implementable without giving room for anomalies. Any policy should be an improvement of the
already existing policy and should not seek to deny the opportunities available earlier. The existing time
bound upgradations can be converted into time bound promotions by giving appropriate designation,
status and financial powers for Executives, who are in higher scales but not occupying the posts. But the
Personal Branch brought out a new CPSU Cadre Hierarchy proposal deviating from the recommendations
of the Khan Committee.

N.SREEKANTH RAO Sun, 12 Nov 2017 06:31:42 GMT +5.5

As per the CCH proposal, the Role of JTO, SDE and Sr SDE can be used interchangeably and all these
three grades will be directly reporting to AGM. The BSNL Management appreciated the fact that all the
three grades of JTO, SDE and Sr SDE are interchangeable and equally skilled. The service completed in any
of these three grades shall be equally weighed  for promotion to the grade of AGM. When the SDEs, who
have completed 12 of years as on 01‐01‐2017, are going to be promoted directly as AGM as one time
measure without rendering any service in the functional grade of Sr Manager, why can’t the same formula
be applied to JTOs in E4 scale, who have completed 17 years of service? The rationale behind imposing
constraint of completing another three years of service in Manager grade for promotion to Sr Manager
and another five years of service in Sr Manager grade for promotion to AGM is not understood. It is totally
unfair and unjust to restrict the JTOs in E4 scale with 17 years of service to single promotion to Manager
grade on 01‐01‐2017  on par with the JTOs with just 5 years of service.
         As per para 5.3 (i) and (ii) of the CCH proposal, the JTOs, who are eligible for the vacancy years 2009‐
10 and 2010‐11 under Seniority‐cum‐Fitness and the JTOs, who passed LDCE for the year 2010‐11 shall be
considered deemed to have been promoted as SDE before 01‐01‐2017. But there is no mention of JTOs of
these two categories in the SCHEDULE of BSNL Executive Promotion  Policy Amendment and Recruitment
Rules, 2017 for which they are eligible for promotion on 01‐01‐2017 as they are treated as SDEs working in
E3 or E4 scale prior to the date of effect of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.
         To redeem the colossal ordeal the JTOs subjected to without any promotion for years together,
though they were by all means eligible for promotion many years back, it is requested to modify the
Recruitment Rules of Sr Manager and Assistant General Manager. If the Management and the
Associations are not inclined to promote JTOs in E4 scale directly to AGM grade, at least the following
modifications/incorporations shall be made in the RR of    Sr Manager and Assistant General Manager
before being sent to BSNL Board for approval.
1) All the Executives working in JTO grade drawing E4 scale as on 01‐01‐2017 shall be placed in Sr
Manager grade on 01‐01‐2017.
2) All the Executives deemed to be working in SDE grade prior to 01‐01‐2017 and drawing E3 or E4
scale shall be placed in Sr Manager grade on 01‐01‐2017.
3) All the Executives in JTO grade drawing E3 scale as on 01‐01‐2017 shall be placed in Sr Manager
grade on 01‐01‐2017.  
4) All the Executives working in JTO grade  drawing  E4  scale as on 01‐01‐2017 shall be considered for
promotion to AGM grade on 01‐01‐2020   after completion of 3    years   of service in Sr Manager
grade after being placed in  Sr Manager grade on 01‐01‐2017.  
5) All the Executives working in JTO grade  drawing  E3  scale as  on 01‐01‐2017 shall be considered
for promotion to AGM grade on 01‐01‐2022  after completion of 5  years  of service in Sr Manager
grade after being placed in  Sr Manager grade on 01‐01‐2017.  
           With regards,
                                                                                                                                                                  N. Sreekanth Rao,
Date: 09‐11‐2017                                                                                                                                       Hyderabad

Ranjan Fri, 13 Oct 2017 12:53:43 GMT +5.5

Addl Secy DoT is strongly opposing 3rd PRC implementation citing affordability clause terming as incipiently sick PSU.

Only because of forced rural service by BSNL, we have incurred loss till these years.

In case, this reason is the only stumbling block, there is no other way except claiming the assured compensation till date and regularly henceforth.

Even then not coming, some harsh and totally united decision by all Associations & Unions need to be taken to pressurize our Mgmt to claim.

Even if not coming then, we have to cite this reason to get our option annuled to move back to DoT.

Fast track decision only can avoid dilly dallying by DoT which is the only hindrance to BSNLians....

Even State Govts have implemented pay revision based on 7the CPC, Our 3rd PRC is not implemented is unbearable atrocity on us and those who have faithfully opted for BSNL from Central Govt. DoT Service

Think and act please...

Aanand Tue, 10 Oct 2017 17:38:55 GMT +5.5

Cat has come out of bag. Seems DoT is negating Standard Pay Scales with negative note, as evident from an website update.Assns to decide on further course of action with long term vision to safeguard our prospects.

It is better, we demand withdrawal of option by citing draggin PRC and Std IDA Pay Scale that is contrary to DPE orders.

This way of stooping of DPE orders that no CPSE can have non-Standard IDA Pay Scale clearly reveals on negative mind-set to damage prospects of Optees. Awake and demand repatriation and annulment of our absorption

Ranjan Thu, 05 Oct 2017 11:42:49 GMT +5.5

Good Sign is apparent. All Associations have displaying unity in concentrated approach to fight getting PRC benefits. Kudos comrade leaders of all BSNL Executive Associations. Keep going great, like this only please

Kavita Saini Sun, 17 Sep 2017 22:56:05 GMT +5.5

Please include MBA(Finance) with in eligibity critria of BSNL Junior Account Officer (JAO) recruitment rules.

K. GAJENDRAREDDY - TIRUPATI Sun, 03 Sep 2017 17:27:50 GMT +5.5

Sir, I am paying BSNL bills online regularly (LL Ph.No.0877-2222684). Whenever I open my account and search under "Transactions", the date of payment appears irregularly, i.e. not date-wise, not month-wise, or not even year-wise. So, I suggest to improve this to the customer's satisfaction.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

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