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Past visitors wrote:

Krishnakant Wed, 11 Dec 2019 16:18:03 GMT +5.5

VRS optees are waiting for clarification on need for training and exam for TBP.

It is not being issued by BSNL CO with countdown for exit date nearing.

Training centres are not sufficient to conduct exam for over 15,000 executives within a month and half.

Sethiji, please pursue for early orders on clarification

N. Sreekanth Rao Wed, 04 Dec 2019 06:59:04 GMT +5.5

Dear all,
78506 BSNLians have ended indecisiveness yesterday finally, and sacrificed their remaining service period in the interest of survival of BSNL as well as our fraternity who are still in BSNL.
We always will work for betterment of our BSNL even after VRS by carrying goodwill of organization wherever we are.
Let our sacrifice be proved helpful for BSNL survival and remaining fraternity.
It is really great for standing firmly with the decision of premature retirement despite several crests and troughs. The decision was not easy especially for officers age between 50 and 55 years. Now onwards also, we should not regret and repent on our decision for the sake of contentment and peace of mind. Albeit, there may be some varying financial losses at different levels, but the free time we get is priceless. Further we will come out of bonded labour and yes man culture. During last one decade, I have been hearing about revenue escalation only and if those efforts and acumen are really applied in own business or hobby, then we will be far better off.
Life is a fun and full of challenges. Hope all will enjoy the fun of life and overcome all challenges.
Very best and loving wishes to all.

asasasa Sat, 30 Nov 2019 13:05:36 GMT +5.5


Pankaj Tue, 26 Nov 2019 12:02:19 GMT +5.5

VRS window is to close on 3.12.19 and number of optees is inching to proposed target.

DoT is still elusive in committing on pension revision for VRS optees. How Assns and TUs will take stand to protect the interests of VRS optees is not clear.

CGHS is to be opted by VRS optees. Eligibility criterion for treatments and admission class depends only on last drawn Basic Pay.

Hence, for CG servants, CPC has been implemented whereas for BSNL optees, PRC is not yet implemented and date of implementation is also not in the vicinity.

In this scenario, we have to demand considering Basic + IDA for BSNL retirees failing which we stand to lose heavily.

Damage for Gr-A BSNL retirees will be most serious enough to make us just equivalent to Gr-C cadres of CG servants.

Since unimplemented PRC is not our mistake but only to that of DoT, Associations to demand considering sum of last drawn Basic + IDA only instead of Basic, for all opted BSNL retirees.

This matter be accorded top most priority to be dealt with DoT

Prahlad Kumar Tue, 19 Nov 2019 16:10:47 GMT +5.5

Target for VRS is 80,000. Now it has crossed 76,000 and is likely to cross 80,000.

Persons having more than 2 year service at Executive level will be over 15,000 for whom training and online exam needs to be conducted in and by various BSNL Training Centres before 31-1-20.

Is it possible??? Tension will naturally mount.

Why Training Centre in-charges are quiet?

Apart from Associations, Training Centres must escalate for exemption by BSNL CO.

Who and how study leave for minimum 10 or 15 days can be given to Executives who have opted for VRS will be given??

Pressure and Tension building up for all concerned. Hope sense will prevail, Ombirji

Ombir Prasad Mon, 18 Nov 2019 17:24:25 GMT +5.5

Chodiye exam aur duty. But, to prepare for exam, every Executive needs atleast two week leave for preparation.

Who will give leave and how can it be given at the last stage of left out days before VRS retirement.

None of the Associations have raised this point to appeal and get exemption.

Ek hi point clear hai philhal. Those who have more than 2 year service, have to prepare and appear for exam, in case exemption is not given by BSNL.

Hence, giving timely clarification and exemption for VRS optees from appearing in exams is very much essential only.

Associations to remind and also pursue with BSNL CO to get exemption, so that VRS optees can work for remaining days with dedication and also to retire peacefully.

Krishnakant Mon, 18 Nov 2019 11:51:14 GMT +5.5

Exam for TBP is not mandatory up to 2 year remaining service persons.

But, for more than 2 year to serve can be safe only if got exempted by BSNL CO's specific orders.

Else, DoT cell will demand and in case exam not passed, it may order withdrawal.

Hence, Sethiji, as given in your letter, this has to be got pursued for orders to be issued by BSNL CO.

In addition, there will be heavy rush in Training Centres when all the executives right from E3 to E6 promottees apply and appear for exams.

When VRS window is to close by 3-12-19, BSNL CO has to compulsorily act, issue directions but cannot afford to keep executives guessing and mental agony to prepare for exam in addition to hectic pending field works to be cleared before 31-1-20.

Hence, Sethiji please pursue BSNL CO and get us favorable orders.

N. SREEKANTH RAO Fri, 08 Nov 2019 08:41:28 GMT +5.5

The overwhelming response of both Executives and Non-Executives to VRS clearly demonstrates the frustration and anger of the employees on Executive Associations and Non-Executive Unions.
When the VRS is already rolled out and mass exodus of employees is taking place, SNEA General Secretary is still seeking some clarifications on VRS from BSNL Management. All the rank and file employees understood VRS, 2019 very well but he did not understand. It is not at all surprising. He, even being the one of the members of the Khan Committee, couldn't not understand the committee recommendations. SNEA leaders never understood the CPSE structure of promotion and utterly failed to get it implemented even after 19 years of BSNL formation. Most of the Executives, who were JTOs as on 01-10-2000, got retired and the remaining are about to bid audieu taking VRS with one promotion or without any promotion.
The decision of the employees to exercise VRS options en mass is the result of the ineptitude and incompetence of this sort of leaders.

Ombir Prasad Tue, 05 Nov 2019 13:58:10 GMT +5.5

VRS package is about to be uploaded. Now, serious doubts, as pointed out in the letter, is pension revision.

The other PSU's CMD has orally conveyed in an Association / TU meeting .

When he says so, can it become true? When Pension revision can be decided only by DoT, how his words can be real.

Hence, all Assns & TUs of BSNL are to be united to discuss various aspects of VRS and immediately seek clarifications on applicability of pension revision to VRS optees. Similarly, IT exemption on availing VRS also need to be conveyed after decision, only by DoT.

PRC implementation post VRS completion, has to be only on retrospective mode since 2017.

Based on such PRC revision, only on written clarification of pension revision to VRS optees, it can be ensured to be and become applicable, after exit on VRS.

Hence, only a written clarification of DoT can be of any use.

Sumonto Bose, Kolkata Sun, 03 Nov 2019 09:13:32 GMT +5.5

How can BSNL float VRS option for employees without settling their valid claims and depositing amounts deducted from salary under different heads viz. GPF, JETCCS, I.Tax, GSLI and Association subscriptions.

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