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Past visitors wrote:

Aanand Mon, 12 Mar 2018 11:51:36 GMT +5.5

Anil Bhai,

Ye kya naya baath. Sir ghoom raha hai.

Suryawanshi says 147 become 47.

If Anil bhai's contention becomes tenable, then it may only be 7 or 0.

Tamasha hi hua seniority or promotion

AJAY SUYRAWANSHI Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:33:06 GMT +5.5

I think only 47 are eligible out of 147.

Anil Sharma Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:28:03 GMT +5.5

reg 147 sen jto 1994 batch mr j.k.patel is eligible to appear for the exam.because it was upto
1993 batch only. per sde rr 1981 5 year req.than how jto of 92 and 93 batch are eligible .
3 tt means most of 147 sdes are ineligible to appear in exam.
4.R/Comrade pl look into the matter seriously.

Aanand Thu, 08 Mar 2018 16:48:19 GMT +5.5

AK Sharmaji,

Update is that decision has already been taken...

Whether to implement or not implement is taken or not perhaps and may be!!??!!

Let us keep fingers crossed for when will it come to implementation!!!

Emojis tho nahi hai. Kya karun

AK SHARMA AMBALA Thu, 08 Mar 2018 13:29:58 GMT +5.5

GS sir,
What decision has been taken by BSNL Corporate Office regarding 147 seniority case.

Balbir Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:03:31 GMT +5.5

Letter submitted to Hob'ble MP to pursue our cause to get 3rd PRC implemented with 15% weightage, citing operational profit and anticipated turn over our PSU and citing honored rural service obligations.

It is appreciated that quot of Hon'ble MOC IT is also included in apt manner. Get going great to pursue further and achieve with your clear mission.

Incipient loss is cited to deny PRC. But, can anyone update what is the financial status of AAI, another PSU of aviation sector in which 3rd PRC is implemented with 15% weightage??? Whether AAI is in loss or profit?? If loss making, how implemnted??

DMK PRASAD,HYDBAD Wed, 21 Feb 2018 01:14:55 GMT +5.5

please do necessary correction
on 16-2-2018 STV-99

Aanand Wed, 07 Feb 2018 11:00:05 GMT +5.5

Illegal seniority revision quashed by Apex Court is not implemented till date.

Is this a favor to some interested person or leader??

Why affected persons are silent instead of giving representation citing contempt?

Time is running out and unduly favored still enjoy at the cost of affected. Associations are silent now. Why??

member_chhattisgarh Mon, 05 Feb 2018 10:27:34 GMT +5.5

Respected Sir,

Being a member of this association I want to inform you that here in Chhattisgarh circle Biometric attendance system has been implemented especially in circle office and units ie SSA too. One thing which has come into our notice is that group “A” employee ie AGM and above are exempted from this attendance system where group B and below employees are threatened by them like salary deduction or memo. My question is to you and BSNL management is under which rule Group-A officers are out of this rule where they are free to come office by their choice. For example AGM admin of GMTD , Raipur is generally absent till 12 clock but there is no action against him till date as he is not under the coverage of biometric & the irony is he is notice issuing authority for such purpose. As time is money and higher officers are drawing higher salary their each second is more costlier than group b,c,d employees so they should be more intensively observed. Kindly take some action and make this rule equal for all not for only for ower level employee. We hope you will do your best sir. Thanking You so much.

om prakash,dgm Fri, 02 Feb 2018 12:54:33 GMT +5.5

Subject: Non-Granting of E-5 to E-6 Financial up gradation under EPP to DGM (adhoc).

Dear GS,
Your personal attention is requested because the matter is already badly delayed.
Most respectfully it is submitted that my financial up gradation under EPP from E-5 to E-6 is due w.e.f. 09-08-2016 as I have completed residency period of five years in E-5 scale (as AGM and DGM adhoc combined). Now, as information gathered, the financial up gradation from E-5 to E-6 to DGM (adhoc) is being delayed under the plea of corporate office letter no. 400-66/2011-pers. I dated 25-07-2012 (Annexure I). This letter mentions that “ DGM and above are not eligible for consideration under the EPP as their time bound up gradation to NF grades is already enshrined in the BSNL MS RR-2009.” Here DGM word implies DGM (regular) not DGM (adhoc). Because no any time bound up gradation to NF grade is enshrined for DGM (adhoc) in BSNL MS RR-2009. As per MS RR 2009, only those executives in DGM grade who have completed 5 years of regular service as DGM on 1st January of the year are eligible for Joint GM (E-7) NF scale. (Schedule IA, point No. 3, page No. 7/14 of MS RR -2009, Annexure II.).
It is further clearly substantiated from para 5.2 of new approved draft BSNL EPP amendment and recruitment rules 2017 as follows:

5.2 All the existing Executives up to AGM/DGM(Adhoc) shall continue to be considered for financial up-gradation to the next higher scale upto E-6 scale on completion of 5 years of service from the date of placement in lower scale through conduction of CPC (copy annexure III.).

As such it is evident that the BSNL CO circular dated 25-07-2012 does not deny financial up gradation from E-5 to E-6 to DGM (adhoc) under EPP as no any provision of time bound up gradation under BSNL MS RR-2009 exists for DGM (adhoc).
Therefore, you are requested to grant financial upgradation under EPP wef to dgm adhoc on eligibility.

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