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Past visitors wrote:

G IMMANUEL DAVID DAYALAN Tamilnadu Fri, 22 Sep 2017 08:50:18 GMT +5.5

Sir, in your website on 06-09-2017 CHQ WRITES TO SECRETARY, DOT REGARDING PAYMENT OF PENSION CONTRIBUTION IN RESPECT OF BSNL EMPLOYEES ON THE BASIS OF ACTUAL PAY: 'Now it is learnt that DoE has conveyed its no objection for pension contribution on actual pay and has left the matter to be decided by DoT.But we could not view the letter sir.kindly arrange to display this important letter sir. thank you.

Kavita Saini Sun, 17 Sep 2017 22:56:05 GMT +5.5

Please include MBA(Finance) with in eligibity critria of BSNL Junior Account Officer (JAO) recruitment rules.

K. GAJENDRAREDDY - TIRUPATI Sun, 03 Sep 2017 17:27:50 GMT +5.5

Sir, I am paying BSNL bills online regularly (LL Ph.No.0877-2222684). Whenever I open my account and search under "Transactions", the date of payment appears irregularly, i.e. not date-wise, not month-wise, or not even year-wise. So, I suggest to improve this to the customer's satisfaction.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Aanand Wed, 02 Aug 2017 14:20:21 GMT +5.5

Rescinded second increment and recovery has not been ordered by BSNL.

Despite this, it is heard from our colleague retirees that DoT Pension Cell is returning service book and pension papers with directions to recover entire sum vide DoT orders.

Its very pathetic and very bad that their retirement benefits will get drastically reduced by over 4 Lakh Rupees. Situation is turning to be serious. Post based promotion is going to be punishment forever for everyone??

If this is the case, can all those decline promotion and claim for losses for having gone to different Circle during promotion. Who will compensate for mental agony apart from financial benefit?? Many of those who declined promotion make mockery on all who took promotion and went to different circle and now bound to face recovery. High grade injustice cannot be allowed. Sethiji, aapne karnaa hi hai kuch tho is maamle me.

This clearly means that DoT is and will be threatening BSNL Optees forever.

Ranjanji ne saaf kaha ki hum kho wapis DoT pe bejo bholke.

Very atrocious and situation turning to be out of control to demoralize entire BSNL Optee. Can we expect to get safeguarded?? Bagwaan, bachao hume...

Now all feel that Associations have not done homework to weigh and guide option correct or not.

Our option is turning disadvantageous with 3rd PRC also implementation benefits in question.

Raise up to halt recovery and to fight for 3rd PRC to get implemented with 15% fixation on exempted accountability condition.

Else, better option withdrawal maangna hi hai..

Ranjan Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:20:59 GMT +5.5

In the expected lines, AIBSNLOA has taken up withdrawal of increment order with substantiated orders of Govt Dept. Kudos... for nice wordings as fitting salvo.

Let's pursue similarly the 3rd PRC implementation also.

Aaj kal 7th CPC paaya hua log masth maja karke kushi le rahe hai. Why all silent on their repatriation court case? Does this mean we still want them by sacrificing our career prospects?

Agar humean 3rd PRC aur bhi delay hotha hai tho in logoan kho wapas bheja maangna hi padega.

Think every Association. They have safely moved to one up cadres and none left in JAG as they do not want to sit with our promottees who are deprived of their career prospects to still decay in Adhocism... Toally not agreeable...

Their method of working on deputation in BSNL is many times weird when compared to their experienced seniors.

Many of well experienced promottees still bow unnecessarily to take unjustified firing or undue pressure.. Think and (re)act

Ranjan Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:11:55 GMT +5.5

3rd PRC ka maamla touch and go jaise hai.

GoI and DoT are non-committal of reasons of their own despite plea from Associations and our CMD's relentless pursuance.

Runner up Association has castigated both of them and Audit report comparing this PSU to Govt Dept. This is not the first time that PSU benefits reasoned out with Govt Dept and vice versa to purge our Executives / Non-Executives financial and career benefits.

Now, the same game is adopted in 3rd PRC also which is no doubt a double game on us.

Bas... Kathm kar na hai ye khel kho... Atleast in such critical issues, every Association unites to fight, we can be sure to achieve it.

GoI is weighing our PSU with others and also like Sarkari Ilaakha.

Now, time has come to go for full fledged attack / fight. We have to claim 100% compensation for loss making operations that is thrust on BSNL but other Telcos enjoy flouting licence conditions by failed rural service roll out.

Full compensation to neutralize loss incurred in all these years cannot be made to affect our 3rd PRC. 7th CPC by GoI is implemented fully and our faithfull option to this PSU got us duped to the core in so many aspects all the way.

Sethiji, please do take steps to unite all Assns to achieve without any compromise. Let Association play participative Mgmt role to demand compensation of service that earned loss.

Do not get / act solo; non-unity costed us most till date. Compensate to go profitable or allow BSNL committed revise pay without delay or condition. If not, no use in continuing in this PSU and demand option cancellation to move safely to Govt Service. Decide or Decay choice is in Associations' hand only.

Balbir Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:09:59 GMT +5.5

DoT is washing its hands in pension payment also to be on reduced scale only. Then what is the difference between an Executive who has accepted promotion and gone to work in far away Circles and their batch mates who have conveniently declined promotion. Promotion is already a severe punishment to entire family with transfer; now a double double punishment by means of cut by an increment. Atrocious and totally demotivating for optees who have already lost a lot.

R.K.Thakur JODHPUR Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:43:31 GMT +5.5

Yes comrade I am fully agree with you.It will be benificial to us to apply 6 th and 7th pay commission report on corresponding CDA scales.

R.K.Thakur JODHPUR Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:43:30 GMT +5.5

Yes comrade I am fully agree with you.It will be benificial to us to apply 6 th and 7th pay commission report on corresponding CDA scales.

Balbir Mon, 10 Jul 2017 12:15:10 GMT +5.5

Withdrawal of One increment menace by DoT is on. DoT has straight away issued orders rescinding the increment governed by BSNL EPP guidelines that was ratified by none other that the same DoT under the total approval of Addl Secy. DoT.

Audit wing duty is only to inspect / Audit the accounts and records. This is stooping the lakshman rekha to intervene by undue comparison with MACP of GoI, conveniently forgetting that we have opted to PSU service for which we have already suffered many losses by virtue of LTC, Medical Benefits, Timely payment of Pay revision, Pension revision, IDA revision, IDA Merger, etc.,

In whatsoever case, DoT instead of self-introspection has simply and coolly passed the bucks just like any other CG Dept to implement Audit report. What is the heart burn for Audit wing in we getting Autonomous BSNL Board ordered benefit is to be directly questioned by all Unions / Associations.

If it is thrust on us, it is better and right time for all the optees to demand withdrawal of our option to safely move back to DoT Service.

Benefits means DoT and Penalty means PSU is the clear cut idea of DoT to punish all the BSNL Optees??

This cannot be allowed at any cost. Demand for withdrawal of BSNL Option in united way to safeguard our interest.

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