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Pankaj Wed, 24 Apr 2019 11:22:02 GMT +5.5

Many of us are at the fag end of service and till date we have lost so much financially on our option to BSNL.

We are aware of the PRCs, except the first one, were implemented in its true letter and spirit.

In 2nd PRC, it was a total disappointment for us wherein we got it implemented only from 9.6.2013 instead of 1.1.2007. The same is the case for pensioners also. Apart from pay arrears, our senior retired comrades have lost many other benefits like pension arrears and entire retirement benefits.

Now, there is no sign of 3rd PRC for which the date of implementation is 1.1.2017 and it is almost over two and a half year delay. We may get it in the same lines only.

All the fight put up by Assns have gone diluted due to various reasons and now the focus on this is totally lost as none of the Assn is even speaking in this regard or unable to speak for the way it was dealt.

From one of the retired officers website viz., AIBSNLREA, it is evident that they have filed a case claiming all the due benefits of 2nd PRC from 1.1.07 to 9.6.13 and it is obvious that they are in need of funds to fight this case.

With the fact that pay and pension are related, we are also likely to get benefited directly once this case is won in retired employees'favor.

Withe the fact that we are also at the fag end of service, many of us may also contribute for fighting this case, for this noble cause which is also going to benefit us.

Though they will not claim our support, it is our moral duty to contribute. Please explore and contribute to get this case to our seniors's favor for our benefit too, with an eye on 3rd PRC also.

You may go through the details in this website to prefer to contribute

Prakash Tue, 16 Apr 2019 13:14:26 GMT +5.5

Bait hanging on us is VRS without PRC.

With no guidance from Assn / Unions, each one has to decide based on many points like:

1) Left out service
2) Calculate VRS benefits as it is offered
3) Calculate normal super annuation retirement benefits based on PRC implementation with commutation, etc.,
4) Calculate Voluntary retirement on not availing VRS offered, but after PRC implemented, commutation and other benefits
5) In case, ready to wait for any due promotion to AGM or DGM and go on transfer based on residency period, with benefits like retirement benefits on revised pay

Arrive at decision only on observing difference in net benefits. Once availed VRS, none has any hold, with the present situation of no guidance.

Also, Crucial point to be weighed is decrease in head count and increase in work load due to this.

Balbir Mon, 15 Apr 2019 15:09:33 GMT +5.5

Recent updates in websites indicate that VRS without PRC will be in the offing.

When PRC is due from 1.1.17 onwards, without implementing it how DoT plans VRS and how Assns & Unions are quiet?

Instead of fighting, Assns / Unions must escalate DoT for implementing PRC first. Impediment for PRC with 15% weightage is affordability clause.

I happen to read the pages of Cabinet note dated September 2000. It has committed that BSNL will always be ensured to be viable.

In a whatsapp group update, it was mentioned that when BSNL will be always viable, where comes the affordability clause and implementation of PRC with 15% weightage from 1.1.17 and other left out dues in 2nd PRC like 78.8% IDA merger implementation from 1-1-2007 instead of 2012 be implemented are the total onus on the part of DoT.

This has affected serving BSNL employees and retirees also.

We have lost much more in our working in BSNL, be those opted or appointed, only blame is on the inactive Assns / Unions who have not dealt issues in right way and in right time.

Assns / Union to deal these issues properly and help.

In case VRS is without PRC, still more loss on retirement and also post VRS. This is because, PRC is said to be implemented only after VRS.

Gross loss will be on dues like leave pay, gratuity and commutation as the VRS is to be based only on pre-revised pay.

If all non-optees have got CPC revised pay scales, Department of Posts with its loss much more that BSNL, a whopping 18000 crores and having more employees that BSNL, why only BSNL personnel is to be denied financial benefits.

DoT be represented for its all commitments by Assns / Unions, atleast in this crucial moments.

Members of Assns / Union to persuade office bearers to act for our safety and our BSNL recruit junior wards pl

Gourav kapoor Tue, 19 Mar 2019 13:38:34 GMT +5.5

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a banker and i have only a little suggestion for bsnl business if you like it.

We are here 10 lakh bankers in india. If BSNL gives offer for employees and your union talking to "we bankers" union and other unions for having 1 bsnl number with unlimited plans like jio with fiber broadband and if 5 lakh banker out of 10 lakhs purchase bsnl number and broadband connections like fibernet in future besides jio. Then i am sure bsnl will get some profit
and all bankers in support of bsnl employees will leave jio.

Hope you understand what am trying to suggest.

somanadhan a retd Mon, 18 Mar 2019 14:34:15 GMT +5.5

Medical insurance modification committe should take opinion suggessions from pensioners also

somanadhan a retd Mon, 18 Mar 2019 14:34:12 GMT +5.5

Medical insurance modification committe should take opinion suggessions from pensioners also

Pankaj Thu, 14 Mar 2019 14:13:21 GMT +5.5


Renting out to generate revenue is OK. Is our business changing to real estate side?

Rented out, we have to pay more property tax, income tax, etc.,

In addition, inconvenience to our own staff who will be forcefully evicted and shifted to cramped new location on as is where is basis for our own staff unhappiness.

Risk factor involved is not aware to all.

Renting out to other Govt agencies will risk grabbing of that premise by that new occupant, just through simple proposal to concerned Department for Govt Dept to Govt Dept takeover on name transfer.

We got from DoT on name transfer. We will also lost it in the same way to another.

Ultimately, we will lose our premise. Temporary revenue will be loss forever.

Why can't we go in for setting up Data Centres instead? All vital locations and buildings are to be our own forever.

Better not to risk and lose ownership forever.

Decision makers will decide so and escape out. Loss will be ours.

Defence and Railways have so much of assets but they are not for this risk. Aware and Beware.

Associations also to take up to prevent from BSNL not exploited and lose ownership ultimately, for megre gains.

Subrahmanyam AV Rama Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:16:09 GMT +5.5

Sir, BSNL had allotted various office premises/space/ staff quarters for office use of TERM Cell, CCA of DOT. It will result in revenue to BSNL to the tune of Rs.2000 crores. No FRAC was conducted nor any demand note raised by BSNL for last more than 12 years. Regards,

Subrahmanyam A V Rama

Subrahmanyam AV Rama Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:15:10 GMT +5.5

Sir, BSNL had allotted various office premises/space/ staff quarters for office use of TERM Cell, CCA of DOT. It will result in revenue to BSNL to the tune of Rs.2000 crores. No FRAC was conducted nor any demand note raised by BSNL for last more than 12 years. Regards,

Subrahmanyam A V Rama

Mistry Tue, 05 Mar 2019 15:11:57 GMT +5.5

Seems MTNL personnel are demanding repatriation to DoT by writing a letter indicting present situation arising out of untold conditions in option.

Here, in BSNL, even told conditions are not honored as evident from Sebp'00 Cabinet Note contents that is in circulation got through RTI route.

Why not we also take similar path with legitimate claims to wind up BSNL and annul option due to faltered assurances.

With even pay not expected when to be paid, what is the fun in running this company?

With Assns / Unions not acting on this and concerned on unimportant agenda, members may stop subscription deduction through pay. They want to hold Office bearers to answer and act to save all and this PSU.

PRC is simply a canard and now timely payment also to follow suit???

Deputationists' Assn has appealed for their repatriation and we are keeping quiet means none can save??

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