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Past visitors wrote:

Balbir Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:09:59 GMT +5.5

DoT is washing its hands in pension payment also to be on reduced scale only. Then what is the difference between an Executive who has accepted promotion and gone to work in far away Circles and their batch mates who have conveniently declined promotion. Promotion is already a severe punishment to entire family with transfer; now a double double punishment by means of cut by an increment. Atrocious and totally demotivating for optees who have already lost a lot.

R.K.Thakur JODHPUR Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:43:31 GMT +5.5

Yes comrade I am fully agree with you.It will be benificial to us to apply 6 th and 7th pay commission report on corresponding CDA scales.

R.K.Thakur JODHPUR Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:43:30 GMT +5.5

Yes comrade I am fully agree with you.It will be benificial to us to apply 6 th and 7th pay commission report on corresponding CDA scales.

Balbir Mon, 10 Jul 2017 12:15:10 GMT +5.5

Withdrawal of One increment menace by DoT is on. DoT has straight away issued orders rescinding the increment governed by BSNL EPP guidelines that was ratified by none other that the same DoT under the total approval of Addl Secy. DoT.

Audit wing duty is only to inspect / Audit the accounts and records. This is stooping the lakshman rekha to intervene by undue comparison with MACP of GoI, conveniently forgetting that we have opted to PSU service for which we have already suffered many losses by virtue of LTC, Medical Benefits, Timely payment of Pay revision, Pension revision, IDA revision, IDA Merger, etc.,

In whatsoever case, DoT instead of self-introspection has simply and coolly passed the bucks just like any other CG Dept to implement Audit report. What is the heart burn for Audit wing in we getting Autonomous BSNL Board ordered benefit is to be directly questioned by all Unions / Associations.

If it is thrust on us, it is better and right time for all the optees to demand withdrawal of our option to safely move back to DoT Service.

Benefits means DoT and Penalty means PSU is the clear cut idea of DoT to punish all the BSNL Optees??

This cannot be allowed at any cost. Demand for withdrawal of BSNL Option in united way to safeguard our interest.

Ranjan Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:23:39 GMT +5.5

147 case still pending at Apex Court. But they are elevated. Only one Association is openly reacting as illegal and strongly oppose by demanding cancellation of those directed to be maintained "Status Quo".

Mention is also there that affected ones would be appealing Apex Court for early judgement. So, one more case is to add in count with respect to TES Gr-B Seniority.

My strong opinion is why not (this) Association and affected people send representation to Apex Court Chief Justice by pleading for early judgement and demanding corrective action on "Status Quo?

No to further case; send chain of representation and RTI to escalate to get things sorted out.

Balbir Fri, 16 Jun 2017 11:41:55 GMT +5.5

General Guidelines for promotion to higher grade is issued by BSNL CO. Had it been followed scrupulously right from good old days of DoT era right from the level of HQ / CO to Circles, despite such guidelines well available but tweaked to be flouted, so many court cases on undue seniority and promotion to TES Gr-B would not have come at all. Huge legal expense and confusion still prevails.

Even now, adherence to these guidelines should be made retrospective to correct past mistakes to set the cart right.

Justice delayed is denied as well!!??!!

Om Prakash,DGM Jhunjhunu Thu, 15 Jun 2017 16:28:28 GMT +5.5

Dear GS,
As per EPP provisions, financial up gradation becomes due on completion of residency period of five years (subsequent up gradation) in a scale. But it is surprising that some of the circles (Rajasthan) are not giving E5 to E6 up gradation to DGM adhoc on completion of required residency period in E5 scale. They take the plea of BSNL CO order No 400-66/2011-pers I dated 25-07-2012 regarding a clarification on applicability of foot note-1 below schedule 1A, 1B, 1C & 1D of BSNL MS RR-2009. In this letter it is mentioned that “DGM and above are not eligible for consideration under EPP as their time bound up gradation to NF grades is already enshrined in the BSNL MS RR-2009.”
It implies that this order relates to DGM regular because under MSRR-2009, only DGM regular is eligible to upgrade from E5 to E7 (joint GM) on completion of five years of DGM regular service.
The referred order is not at all applicable to DGM adhoc. This letter does not require any clarification from BSNL board/MC. A simple clarification that this order is not applicable to DGM adhoc is sufficient from Director HR.
The circle offices should refrain from asking such clarifications from higher offices on crystal clear orders. The BSNL CO does not have time to issue clarifications unless hard persuasions from union leaders. The simple clarification is not coming out since elapse of 5 years. Our so many DGM adhoc comrades have since then retired trying hard to get justice.
I request all intellectual members in general and the GS in particular to understand crux of the problem which is badly delayed. Early clarification be assured………….(Om Prakash), DGM Rajasthan. Mob: 9413395355

Aanand Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:38:59 GMT +5.5

Withdrawal of unabsorbed is now gradually gtg reversed. Is it aware??

Those who are repatriated are now being inducted into DGM Grade... What's on? What is our stand??

Balbir Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:26:09 GMT +5.5

On seeing the update of today, 5-6-17, GS has clearly said the fact that our CMD will be the first person to react if fitment benefit is denied despite BSNL's commitment that it can bear Rs.2000 Crores against 15% fitment and Rs.1500 Crores against 10% benefit. This has been applauded by GS in a positive way. What else can stand against such commitment? Even after this commitment, DoT is not acceding to, then we do not have anymore option except our demand for PSU roll back and all optees move to DoT on cancelled BSNL option and / (OR) demand for immediate withdrawal of all non-optees who are getting CPC benefits and stay in BSNL despite closed absorption process.
What is the fun if one gets the whole pie to eat when its maker is denied?

Dinesh kumar sharma meerut Mon, 05 Jun 2017 16:28:45 GMT +5.5

kindly expedite cpc from ao to cao pending

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