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Past visitors wrote:

Balbir Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:24:27 GMT +5.5

Deputationists in BSNL have been paid with timely salary, in this month and last month also. Can anyone confirm???

N. Sreekanth Rao Hyderabad Mon, 16 Sep 2019 20:19:01 GMT +5.5

Even after Group of Ministers, in which Finance Minister is one of the members, and Prime Minister's Office have given a green signal to the proposal for the revival of BSNL, stiff opposition by the Finance Ministry to revival plan is very strange and ridiculous.
When BSNL is not able to pay salaries to staff, only two options are left for the Government - revival of BSNL by offering bailout package or complete shutdown of BSNL.
The employees can't forbear the present dreadful situation furthermore.
Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad should immediately take up the issue to the Prime Minister for implementation of revival plan without any delay, setting aside all objections.

Ombir Prasad Fri, 13 Sep 2019 15:58:23 GMT +5.5

Targetting executives has commenced by salary cut in case they fail to achieve sales target of SIM and BB with landline connection.

Is there any justification to punish only field executives who are already in agony on not getting salary besides so many other constraints.

Owning responsibility must begin from top on first instance and to serve as a model. Then only fixing responsibility can be allowed. Associations to intervene to stop and protect any adverse impact and victimization of field executives please

Balbir Thu, 12 Sep 2019 13:58:46 GMT +5.5

Sreekanth Rao,
What a satire it was... in your last update that everything they achieved.

They are mentally setting up their mind to form yet another Association umbrella when mass retirement on VRS comes. After all, they are comfortable with automatic money flow as subscription. They want to repeat this act in that umbrella for which it is a precursor.

N. Sreekanth Rao Hyderabad Sun, 08 Sep 2019 18:10:42 GMT +5.5

There is a news that a new Association called 'Sanchar Nigam Executive's Pensioners Welfare Association (SNEPWA)' is going to be launched shortly by retired SNEA leaders.
SNEA achieved everything for us and resolved all the HR issues.
1) E2 and E3 scales for JTO and SDE are implemented.
2) CPSU cadre hierarchy is implemented from 01-10-2000.
3) Uniform First Time Bound Promotion for 4 years is implemented.
4) 3rd PRC is implemented with 15% fitment.
SNEA proclaimed at the time of membership verification that all the HR issues would be resolved in three months' time, but they were able to resolve all the issues in three weeks' time only. It is really amazing!
When 4G spectrum is about to be allocated to BSNL, SNEA is demanding to allocate 5G spectrum. What a great foresight! SNEPWA may demand for 6G.
When SNEA was successful in resolution of all the issues of working Executives, why can't SNEPWA succeed in resolving retired Executives' issues?
SNEPWA is being formed only for the welfare of the retired Executives, not for the collection of membership subscription from the retired Executives. It is the apt time for launching of Pensioners' Association as thousands of SNEA Executives may opt for VRS.

Balbir Sat, 17 Aug 2019 15:58:59 GMT +5.5

One Association has woken up it seems. Its website update reveals that Member(Fin)of DoT was met to urge upon refund of pending due amounts for many items like Interest paid on BWA spectrum, Excess pension contribution of 2700 Crores,Compensation for 17000 rural Telephones exchanges to the tune of 19000 Crores, etc., which works out to minimum of 21,700 Crores.
What about these dues for the past two decades of our rural operation? Can it be taken as free of cost that will make us to be deprived of financial benefits including 3rd PRC for which incurred loss all these years is being cited by DoT also?? Not acceptable at all and also great injustice.

Sttill, vital and urgent priority issues like Standard Pay Scale, implementation of pending items of 2nd PRC and also 3rd PRC with 15% weightage.

These priority issues need to be urged to be immediately given to BSNL employees before announcing any VRS package.

Without these items' paid atleast prospectively, we will be put to greatest loss of VRS and also pension which will result only on excise of our BSNL option, for entire life of one and all.

The unopted have all got 7th CPC with entire amount of arrears whereas we not paid till date.

Let our Association also demand all these be paid before VRS package if any to be announced please.

Prakash Fri, 16 Aug 2019 14:49:29 GMT +5.5

Unholy alignment with Non Executives has spoiled our 3rd PRC. In this situation, one of the non-Executive Union website claims their revised 3rd PRC IDA pay scale with 15% weightage (as fixation) along with possible increase in pay as well as pension.

So, by this alignment, indications are like they have been given their dues.

Sreekanth Rao to note and opine for all of us

Balbir Wed, 14 Aug 2019 11:59:12 GMT +5.5

Sreekanth Rao,
Seems we have to wait for the VRS proposal to be approved and issued as orders so that we can study to decide to opt or not.

Nothing is certain until order comes. So, carry on your good works to expose misdeeds of dealers who lead based on their leftist agenda.

Irony is that none of them cares to correct atleast now so that proper pursuance of priority needs are achieved. They are not aware or not at all understanding priority.

PRC left out items of 2nd and the 3rd yet to be implemented with 15% fitment, replacement of E1A & E2A by E2 & E3 are immediate priority before VRS scheme gets floated.

Plain talk with no words spared from person of your calibre can work to get them corrected??

N. SREEKANTH RAO Hyderabad Sun, 11 Aug 2019 15:10:55 GMT +5.5

The BSNL Unions and Associations never work for well-being of the employees. Even the Associations propagandized that the DOT recruited employees, who get pension, would not get ex gratia. It sheerly demonstrates the leaders' folly and foxy attitude. What DOT told was 'As Govt. is taking the burden of pensions, the VRS optees would not be paid ex gratia by the Govt'. It does mean that BSNL only has to make its own arrangement to pay ex gratia. The leaders are now only not able to digest the lucrative offer. So they never demand PRC before VRS. They make their futile trials to stop VRS and revival plan. Let us all be united to scuttle the sinister designs of the Unions and Associations.
We want
1) VRS shall be implemented with existing Basic Pay.
2) After VRS, pension shall be revised with 15% fitment.
3) Ex gratia shall be 25% more than Gujarat model.

N. SREEKANTH RAO Fri, 09 Aug 2019 14:15:08 GMT +5.5

The utter fiasco of AUAB to gather members for yesterday's dharna and gate demonstration clearly exemplifies that the members have lost faith in Unions and Associations. Nowadays the dharnas transpired into photo sessions similar to Reconnection Melas and Mega Melas, that are being conducted in our Circle. As VRS is going to be imminent, the Associations started supporting VRS reluctantly with agony of losing membership subscription.

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