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Past visitors wrote:

Balbir Mon, 14 Jan 2019 11:23:06 GMT +5.5

3rd PRC is now said not to be with 15% weightage due to affordability.

Cited loss is mainly due to rural operations.

Unions / Assns to pressurize BSNL Mgmt to claim for 100% loss compensation right from 1-10-2000 onwards and henceforth.

If not coming around, we have to take a call on pruning / closing them down.

Also, when customers of these days prefer high speed with reliability, services on fiber instead of copper to be resorted. Recovered copper will be of considerable sum.

Prakash Fri, 04 Jan 2019 11:39:29 GMT +5.5

Cat has come out of the bag. None of the Govt Depts / Entities are interested in growth or existence of BSNL.

On its part, NITI Ayog has negated addl capital infusion towards 4G for BSNL.

The reasons it mentioned reveals to clear doubt in the mind of reader of this report of the bias against us.

Points like RoI is nil, Private operators are operating the same services at cheaper rates, Dept of Expenditure sees no immediate benefits on this move, Telecom PSU seek 4G spectrum allotment to them to match private competition and be in fray amid cut-throat competition, RJiO offers service in cheap rates, etc., are the substantiation given.

Hence, no chance to come up even if we work hard and even then we will only blockade.

When PSU was invoked for level playing field, seems it is only levelled and played field against the PSU.

They have taken us for granted since till date none protested for rural telephony clause in license condition flouted by private Telcos and atleast 100% compensation for rural service losses which was assured to BSNL.

Time has come to take up the issues seriously to do business without loss making rural operations, extending fiber to every customer, claim 100% compensation for so far offered rural service and also for the days to come.

Are Assns / Unions aware of the seriousness of things against us??

Pl take things seriously and react to atleast now protest the wordings to claim our stand.

Still to keep silence will surely be unimaginable

Balbir Thu, 03 Jan 2019 15:10:15 GMT +5.5

Choice to take retirement is individual option. But, making 58 against terms given in option is not ethical and indeed a cheating. Untenable legally also.

Why not it be demanded as a VR Scheme??

When VR Scheme comes which is beneficial, whether willing people will ignore it???

kusumam Tue, 01 Jan 2019 14:35:00 GMT +5.5

what is wrong in reducing the retirement age to 58? 99% of staff are willing to go. Pl. support this proposal and PRC will be implemented in bsnl

Prakash Fri, 28 Dec 2018 16:18:00 GMT +5.5

Balbirji, DoT letter point (v) shows that DoT itself admits that there is cut throat competition which is affecting us. This means even knowing all these reality, owner questions to deny everything for the company. Option needs to be demanded as withdrawn and optees moved back to DoT.

Further, all these 20 years, not a penny is claimed for rural lossy operations which only has made BSNL loss making, after evaporating cash surplus of over Rs.40,000 Crore at PSU starting point instance.

Time has come for all Assns to demand rural loss compensation for all these years and to be paid henceforth regularly every month if to continue service in those areas.

Decision is vital, crucial and unavoidable only and atleast now

Balbir Fri, 28 Dec 2018 16:03:51 GMT +5.5

Queries sent to DoT as letter is out and seems PRC is a canard if it goes in this pace.

Now, one Assn has updated that BSNL proposed to reduce retirement age to 58 and as Pankaj has correctly tracked.

Conditions one by one to implement PRC, seems being thrust on BSNL.

In case 58, then there will be great injustice for opted BSNL Executives. Further, as per PO, when BSNL & DoT combined service is Govt Service for optees, similar reduction for everyone in BSNL, be non-optee or optee, is only justified.

Other chance for Assns is to demand VRS for BSNL optees.

In this situation, promotion to DGM is a bait for senior Executives who are 56 plus.

All Assns to explore safeguards to achieve PRC first rather than hanging for any other issue including promotion or cadre hierarchy or 4G spectrum. When personal safety itself is in question, looking any other side demand is only self detrimental.

When retirees vye for 7th CPC pension, Assns to demand optees in Service to be paid on 7th CPC increase if 3rd PRC turns out to be lossy one.

Pankaj Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:34:37 GMT +5.5

DE to DGM orders expected to be issued shortly.

How many to get is not clear. Some say 770 and others 891.

Claim by Assns is for all who completed 4 Yrs regular service as DE. Now, not sure of what is to come.

Also, the real contention is that any promotion in PSU is to be only on Regular. Why Adhoc? What is the stand of Assns?

When Adhoc, if any promtted Adhoc DGM retires, his substantive grade will only be STS not JAG. Then what is the fun in taking Adhoc promotions.

Hence, Assns must fight to get only Regular Promotion to DGMs please.

The current letter in circulation on 3rd PRC contains wordings on reduction of retirement age to 58.

Hence, in case reduced age of retirement, most of those in this list will retire and get affected without the effect of DGM promotion. This be taken serious note off by all Assns

Balbir Thu, 20 Dec 2018 13:42:30 GMT +5.5

Chandigarh stay vacated. But, case posted to Mar'19, verdict not delivered.

AO to CAO, stay for implementing catch up rule has come as per a website update.

As per media reports:
Catch up rule is applicable to all Cadres and Grades, as per Apex court ruling.

Catch up rule says promotion must only be as per percentage representation not reservation.

Santhosh Kumarji,

In Maharashtra and Kerala, on implementation of catch up rule, many thousands of employees are revised and brought down in seniority with reversion of promotion

Prakash Wed, 19 Dec 2018 17:26:41 GMT +5.5

No Assn / Union updating status of 3rd PRC.

Its a serious matter of concern for everyone.

Please do update to remove anxiety

Santhosh Kumar Tue, 18 Dec 2018 13:17:13 GMT +5.5

Can anyone throw light on catch up rule and how it is implemented to fix the seniority please?

People tell that this has been implemented by MH and Kerala State Govts. Is it a fact and in which case what was the implications?

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