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Past visitors wrote:

Prakash Mon, 25 Jun 2018 11:29:35 GMT +5.5

3rd PRC implementation through Cabinet Note is contemplated by DoT.

Whispers are that for MTNL, only 0% weightage is going to be given due to affordability clause and its huge loss.

In case the same arguement for BSNL, Associations to unit to be on clear stand that our PSU is the service arm of DoT which serves our country.

Hence, in such case, as said by many in earlier posts, BSNL must be made to claim assured compensation for rural lossy operations as per the commitment given in PO issued to us while absorption.

Also, the implementation must be from 1-1-2017 retrospectively only similar to 7th CPC.

Associations must take due care.

Balbir Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:56:10 GMT +5.5


It has become wide open that only conversion to another cadre in the name of CPSU Hierarchy is pursued.

Instead of DPC route of promotion, only just like time bound promotion to any cadre / grade without no financial benefit whatsoever and introduction of 2 cadres to halt from reaching JAG though not beyond.

In this context, conversion / re-christening bereft of any financial benefit is harped it seems.

Other associations to handle this issue to get it corrected.

It is obvious that Mgmt wants all the posts to be filled by DPC route so as to change lines to CPSU Hierarchy proposal gets considered by Govt Ministries for approval.

Associations to explore to undo any serious wrong doings so that none of us get affected in our PSU.

Serious issue similar to our option while absorption wherein we got trapped except the non-optees.

Why are we limiting only upto JAG and not eyeing / demanding career progression beyond JAG to optees, but only for non-optees in this PSU??? In case all repatriated, everything would have been ours. In fact, were ours but spoiled by wrong stand to get it withdrawn.

At least now, this is to be explored crucially due to prevailing situation in field. We are feeling trapped and sandwiched.

Prakash Thu, 21 Jun 2018 11:22:33 GMT +5.5

CPSU Hierarchy is pursued by association for its notification and implementation by 1-7-18 by BSNL so that Executives can retire with dignity in redesignated status.

Is there any iota of benefit in it? Why this much urgency is being displayed? Had this effort been put in achieving 3rd PRC implementation it would be beneficial to everyone of us. Any motive behind this??

Can anyone say how BSNL can notify without the approval of either DoT or DPE as put forth by a person earlier?

Just a fortnight ago, BSNL has listed equivalent grades in CPSUs / CPSEs in compliance to DPE / DoP&T letter. In such case, how can any modification be effected without the approval of Nodal & controlling Ministry? Its surprising

AK SHARMA Wed, 13 Jun 2018 12:42:34 GMT +5.5

Sadhan Chandra Das ji,
As per latest clarification from BSNL HO, if you were, otherwise, eligible, then benefit to retirees should also be extended.

Pankaj Wed, 13 Jun 2018 11:05:20 GMT +5.5

Mr.Harimohan Rao,
In Govt Service, no promotion on Adhoc. Even in case of Adhoc promotion, it must be regularized within one year.

This funda is that Adhoc promotee can retires only in their lower regular grade. In such case, promotion will be made a mockery.

In PSU or PSE, there is no Adhoc at all i.e., promotions must always be in regular only.

In fact, in DoT perior, Adhoc has been sinister designed to be continued only to make DGM Adhoc promottee from standing in line to GM grade in case they are DGM (Regular).

Heard that only one officer with guts fought in legal forum to claim and get Regular DGM and he retired as DGM (Regular) in DoT era.

Mr. Harimohan Rao, if you are serious and concerned about your Adhoc status, start appealing and fight relentlessly to achieve it.

Mr. Sadan Chandra Das,
The letter is silent about whether retired ones are eligible. In such case, this will be effective only from the order date.

Sadhan Chandra Das, Kolkata Tue, 12 Jun 2018 21:48:16 GMT +5.5

It's not suggestions, it's a query, whether a retired DGM(Ad-hoc) may get the benefit E6 Scale from the recent order, please inform me.

k.harimohan rao Mon, 11 Jun 2018 15:34:21 GMT +5.5

dgm regular promotion to be given as adhoc promotion was given 2years back ie in MAR' per rule adhoc to be Regularised with in 1yr.

Pankaj Thu, 07 Jun 2018 13:22:58 GMT +5.5

Deep sigh of relief to many senior Executives from working under a wrongly promoted far junior.

Thanks to everyone's effort who got it implemented to make justice prevail ultimately, though delayed.

What about 272 similar such promotted ones?? This case is hanging as "Civil Appeal in Apex Court". When 147 implemented and reverted, in similar lines, 272 also must be revised to instill same justice.

Also, one particular Officer who took this decision to tweak service rules to promote deliberately wrongly must be brought to books even if he is retired safely from DoT.

In latest order, recovery will not be effective for any of those 147.

In such case, affected seniors must claim on par pay to ensure that at no time junior draw more pay and get stepping up of pay.

All Assns must concentrate on implementation of same revised seniority for 272 before all of them retire and to make their affected seniors to get justice.

Though fall by two grade for few is painful, by virtue of their occupying seat, rude and audacious few among them deserve it for having treated everyone badly for almost a decade!!!!

Anil Sharma Wed, 06 Jun 2018 18:42:38 GMT +5.5

1.For howmuch vacancies SDE TO DE Regular DPC is going on.
2.SDEs of VY 2001-02 LDCE Quota of SL NO 8 will be covered or not.
Pl reply.

AJAY SUYRAWANSHI Tue, 05 Jun 2018 20:00:39 GMT +5.5

As Management is conducting DPC for AGM IN WHICH SDE SL 6&7is covered.But in SL 7 LDCE quota for vy 2001-2002 is not included.Pl do needfull for this.So that court cases may be avoided.

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