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Past visitors wrote:

AK SHARMA Fri, 07 Sep 2018 14:50:03 GMT +5.5

AO to CAO permotion stay vacated because of the vogorous persuance by one of the executive association but due to Personal Fight between leaders of some Executive associations the stay on promotion from DET to DGM(T) is still continue.

Chand Waguzari, Jammu Tue, 04 Sep 2018 16:02:51 GMT +5.5

refer list dated 1.9.18 'PROMOTION TO DGM(T) GRADE-NON-AVAILABILITY OF APARS-e-DPC. The forwarding letter of this list may please be arranged as it seems these APARs have already been sent to Corp. Office

Chand Waguzari, Jammu Tue, 04 Sep 2018 16:02:35 GMT +5.5

refer list dated 1.9.18 'PROMOTION TO DGM(T) GRADE-NON-AVAILABILITY OF APARS-e-DPC. The forwarding letter of this list may please be arranged as it seems these APARs have already been sent to Corp. Office

jay Sat, 11 Aug 2018 00:20:16 GMT +5.5

Sir my suggestion is that bsnl should have a facility to block numbers from isp. At least 5 numbers blocking as a paid service. Everyone is being hounded by someone. People have to as a result change sims... apps only disconnect after one ring which creates more trouble.... blocking numbers from isp is a common feature in abroad telecoms

Thu, 09 Aug 2018 11:28:57 GMT +5.5

Good work by GS on having met MoS for Finance to seek his help in 3rd PRC implementation.

As pointed out by our CMD, only because of our option we are denied clearly reveals the indifferent attitude of DoT against this PSU absorbees.

When BSNL is the service arm of DoT, how come incipent sickness is pointed out. Departments of Central and State Govts in what way they earn profit except Oil Sector?

In such case does this not applicable to these Depts and only to BSNL since it is a PSU that upholds telecom service to rural areas is not acceptable.

3rd PRC with 15% weightage and nothing less that is approved citing loss, then there is not other go except claiming fullest compensation for all rural exchanges as assured in PO has to be demanded from DoT, right from inception of this PSU. Why have we to bear the losses unlike others who default license conditions to desist from serving rural areas???

So, our GS has to pursue this with due care right earnest

Prakash Thu, 02 Aug 2018 13:31:46 GMT +5.5

One of the Union Website has updated RTI details on BSNL/MTNL operations.

In this, in Annexure-I of RTI reply, details of support to BSNL which are the details of USO Fund pay out like Naxal affected Area GSM towers, Rural Wi-Fi, etc., to BSNL is detailed.

Also, BSNL is declared as "Incipient Sick" PSU as per DPE guidelines. In Annexure-I, there is no word on compensation for rural service rendered. This means, it is not sought??

When it is not claimed by BSNL, not paid as assured in PO,losses will be but natural and does it mean that we have decided to be loss making and to remain "Incipient Sick PSU"??

In which case, how will DoT exempt BSNL from affordability criteria??

It is evident from website update by two Assns that DoT has not at all begun this work of relaxing and subsequent upon which only mooting proposal of cabinet note for implementing 3rd PRC can result??

With all Central and State Govt servants as well as AAI and FCI PSU servants having got pay revision on CPC or PRC as the case may be, cost of living, price rise, inflation, etc., has sky rocketed multi fold.

Every one of us are losing heavily with low pay and amidst delayed doubtful pay due to poor collection efficiency without 3rd PRC amidst increase in cost of living.

This is because, with increasing cost, without PRC wherein our beyond 100% IDA neutralizing plus 15% weightage and its widening margin to the present drawn monthly pay is increasing exponentially, even amidst poor and current rate of increase of IDA.

This means, Dearness Allowance, its fundamental aspect of compensating price rise is defeated and financial benefits are denied to BSNL PSU personnel only.

All resulted only on our option not guided properly or without adequate safeguards by Assns / Unions.

Ray of light is the positive hope revealed by the letter of our CMD to Secy, DoT to urging 3rd PRC implementation with 15% weightage.

Let all Assns / Unions, leaving any other agenda, deal with unity only for achieving 3rd PRC. More time the time lapse without 3rd PRC, the more we lose financially. Please understand and act comrades

Balbir Sat, 28 Jul 2018 11:33:12 GMT +5.5

Website update of an Association mentions that they have filed case against deputation.

HC highlighted that deputation is against its order. It is also mentioned that they cannot be deployed in DoT, why not elsewhere??? Time given to explore is 4 weeks. Nothing is going to happen as it is now deemed that it is indefinite deputation till their last cadre retire safely. This clearly shows that have rejected option safely.

Unless TU agenda is included with withdrawal of deputation, nothing will happen it seems.

The root cause of halted repatriation is their own leader's action and now they act to fight against it. What a comedy!!!!

AK SHARMA AMBALA Fri, 27 Jul 2018 11:53:06 GMT +5.5

Comrade GS Sir,
As per letter at site CAO to DGM F DPC WIP.
But what is for the DE to DGM???
No one of the executive associations is taking this issue sincerely with BSNL Management------

Pankaj Fri, 20 Jul 2018 11:48:56 GMT +5.5

Website update of an Assn reveals DoT is meddling to hamper standard pay scales E1A to E2 and E2A to E3. Update is made but no condemnation to point out the fault is surprising.

It is also said that E1A and E2A are special dispensation for optees. This is clear cut violation and is against interest of BSNL Executives.

This has to be taken seriously to point out strongly that if this is the stand, we have to demand annulment of option.

Further, when DoT is diabolical to say on one hand that BSNL is service arm of DoT whereas on the other side it says loss incurring.

Can service and profit go hand in hand??? This indicates strong prejudice against the interests of us.

There is no way except claiming 100% compensation for loss making rural operations since PSU formation else demand DoT not to point out loss at any time. There is no other way except this to safe guard our interests and prospects.

PRC must be implemented with 15% weightage was the expectation whereas prevailing trend shows that it is not at all easy.

United, strong and leading move to thwart such negative moves is much expected from our Association. AIBSNLOA can only call spade a spade to bring it to our way at the earliest.

C A Binny,Ernakulam Fri, 20 Jul 2018 01:13:48 GMT +5.5

Congrats.Yes,only AIBSNLOA amongst Executives' Associations is showing a facing window right in their website home page for Retired Executives, rightly helpful for those elders not familiar with all such Associations of Retired Exctvs. or Rtd.Non Exctvs.& Exctvs.Gradually,all serving Exctvs. & Non Exctvs. alike are retiring month after month, year after year.We can almost, visualise the future staff strength of BSNL after say,a period of 5 or 10 yrs.

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