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Past visitors wrote:

Pankaj Fri, 20 Jul 2018 11:48:56 GMT +5.5

Website update of an Assn reveals DoT is meddling to hamper standard pay scales E1A to E2 and E2A to E3. Update is made but no condemnation to point out the fault is surprising.

It is also said that E1A and E2A are special dispensation for optees. This is clear cut violation and is against interest of BSNL Executives.

This has to be taken seriously to point out strongly that if this is the stand, we have to demand annulment of option.

Further, when DoT is diabolical to say on one hand that BSNL is service arm of DoT whereas on the other side it says loss incurring.

Can service and profit go hand in hand??? This indicates strong prejudice against the interests of us.

There is no way except claiming 100% compensation for loss making rural operations since PSU formation else demand DoT not to point out loss at any time. There is no other way except this to safe guard our interests and prospects.

PRC must be implemented with 15% weightage was the expectation whereas prevailing trend shows that it is not at all easy.

United, strong and leading move to thwart such negative moves is much expected from our Association. AIBSNLOA can only call spade a spade to bring it to our way at the earliest.

C A Binny,Ernakulam Fri, 20 Jul 2018 01:13:48 GMT +5.5

Congrats.Yes,only AIBSNLOA amongst Executives' Associations is showing a facing window right in their website home page for Retired Executives, rightly helpful for those elders not familiar with all such Associations of Retired Exctvs. or Rtd.Non Exctvs.& Exctvs.Gradually,all serving Exctvs. & Non Exctvs. alike are retiring month after month, year after year.We can almost, visualise the future staff strength of BSNL after say,a period of 5 or 10 yrs.

Balbir Wed, 18 Jul 2018 11:07:03 GMT +5.5

Open call for improving membership base to our Assn has come well in time. Many unexposed but few wrong moves have been highlighted.

But, when sensitive demands are to be achieved, AIBSNLOA must press for united fight all Assns on issued based single point agenda fight out to achieve it. Such move must be called for to achieve 3rd PRC also.

It is almost nearing 2 years past 7th CPC implementation. But, our benefits are denied on one pretext or other.

The more the delay, in case prospective implementation only, we will stand to lose heavily.

If 3rd PRC implementation is implemented with less that 15% fitment, citing losses, compensation right from PSU formation for the rural losses must be demanded quoting PO assurances.

Loss making clause must be got removed (similar to 6o:40)as our PSU is the service arm of DoT that serves nook and corner remote and rural areas.

When 11K Crore is infused for PSBs to resurrect them to get over NPAs / uphold commitments to be honored, BSNL must also get additional capital infusion to expand and / or maintain services like 4G Spectrum allotment, Licence fee payment, fullest compensation to rural operations as assured in the Presidential Order while our absorption, etc.,

This is because, the only commodity of falling price is Telecom only. When we do business along with catered social obligation, profit making in such business is not at all possible.

AIBSNLOA, with its pragmatic and consistent efforts can only play lead role to achieve and protect the interest of this PSU and its personnel. Keep going great, AIBSNLOA!!

AK SHARMA Mon, 16 Jul 2018 12:06:39 GMT +5.5

GS Sir,
whether MA filed by BSNL in CAT Chandigarh for vacation of stay for promotion of DE to DGM pl

CA Binny Sat, 14 Jul 2018 19:42:01 GMT +5.5

I liked the comments of AIBSNLOA about SNEA & AIBSNLEA.From my past experiences,I can firmly say that,both the 1st majority & 2nd majority representative Associations are bothered only about their own leaders' interests in promotions, transfers,and the like and least concerned in the burning issues of other Executive cadres in Civil Wing,Elctrcl.Wing, Architectural Arm etc. Now,since I retired from service,I can be only a silent spectator.Why don't you try to enroll some members,especially those from unsatisfied SDEs & JTOs (Civil),SDEs & JTOs(Elctrcl) in Kerala Circle ?

C A Binny,Ernakulam Sat, 14 Jul 2018 19:21:16 GMT +5.5

I am a retired SDE(C)from BSNL,Ernakulam.The comment of AIBSNLOA seen on 13 July 2018 about the so called 'achievement of SNEA' on resolving long unresolved promotion cases of Civil Wing Executives(including Archtchtrl.)is perfectly a truth.They are always in the forefront in safeguarding the interests of majority cadre Executives,especially belonging to mainstream Telecom,whom incidently are their top leaders.

ASHOK KUMAR Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:35:45 GMT +5.5

The case promotion from SDE(Electrical) to 248 Executive Engineer(E) are pending ,need attention

Prakash Fri, 06 Jul 2018 11:05:42 GMT +5.5

Office bearers of Assn were shielded from transfer so far.

BSNL CO has corrected this aberration to set it right to mean that let their office be held by any other elected successor.

System is more immune now!!!!

AK SHARMA Mon, 02 Jul 2018 11:09:02 GMT +5.5

Now what is the status of Notification of CPSU CH.

Pankaj Thu, 28 Jun 2018 13:45:51 GMT +5.5

Already so many seniority issue related cases are on. Observing the present situation, many more cases are to mushroom it seems. Some against DPC and some may be for CPSU CH.

Ultimate result would be confusion and stalled promotion for everyone.

Heard that few of 147 have approached and many more on way. What is going on and what is the way out?? Really appalling.

In 147, this being Apex court verdict, how come it be stayed by lower courts? No updates in this regard in any website. Kindly throw light on current situation pl

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