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Past visitors wrote:

Pankaj Thu, 18 Feb 2021 21:10:19 GMT +5.5

As per media reports, it will take 2 to 4 years for BSNL to rollout 4G.

This means, though 4G spectrum allotted, it is not to be of any immediate use.

When DoT / BSNL harp on indigenous vendors for 4G for BSNL, with no vendor ready with 4G gadgets till date, it will naturally take very long time to rollout.

Hence, we have to take informed decision to exclude dragon from picture and bring in reliable non-dragon products to pave way for earliest 4G of BSNL.

When it is not taken serious, rollout taking up to 4 years, competitors will roll out 5G and BSNL will again lag behind to be back to square one stage wherein we have to demand 5G spectrum.

Such spectrum allocation will take many years to lead BSNL to be in continued tense position only.

Better all Assns come to a decision to make DoT & BSNL to take a call on earliest 4G gadget procurements.

One has to remember that designing any hardware of international standards driven by dedicated software is not that much easy.

Biradar Fri, 27 Nov 2020 17:16:21 GMT +5.5

DPE has issued orders to freeze IDA up to Mar'21. This is applicable to BSNL employees and pensioners also for whom 3rd PRC framed to be approved based on the lines of 7th CPC implemented.

In this regard, Assns / Unions have been silent to desist from protesting.

Dearness Allowance, a price compensation against inflation / cost of living / price rise in respect of essential and notified commodities, cannot be denied. That too, PRCs like incomplete 2nd PRC as well as unimplemented 3rd PRC, has severely put BSNL employees as well as pensioners to lose financially and heavily.

Hence, order to freeze IDA needs is totally wrong. In case of this order implemented, we have to demand implementation of 2nd and 3rd PRCs to be on par with CPC implemented CG Servants / pensioners or demand freezing of price of every essential commodity.

Denial of IDA raise without our umimplemented PRCs and / or price control, based on orders of DPE, has to be construed to single out BSNL employees and pensioners to be punished with suffering on severe and heavy financial loss.

Time to point out this serious issue for its escalation and get proper timely justice is the need of this hour by every Association and Union of BSNL employees as well as Pensioners.

Biradar Thu, 12 Nov 2020 14:33:59 GMT +5.5

Pay for banking personnel has been revised. Many PSUs have implemented PRC. Only BSNL is not implementing PRC citing losses. Let clear stand be taken by DoT to direct BSNL to implement PRC which it approved with 15% weightage as it only has ensured BSNL will be ensured to be always viable.

Hence, right time for Associations & Unions to demand DoT and BSNL to implement PRC with 15% weightage only immediately.

Else, there is no fun in running BSNL as PSU to make only loss forever and simultaneously milch rural services without paying any compensation for severe losses through this. Silence will erode both BSNL and also put every BSNL employee to severe financial stress on unimplemented PRC.

Editor Fri, 04 Sep 2020 20:16:55 GMT +5.5

Dear Com.D G Kulkarni, can you please send a brief on this to

D G Kulkarni Thane Thu, 03 Sep 2020 12:11:43 GMT +5.5

From 01.10 2020, there will be 158 business areas. There will be only 5 business areas with DE Vigilance post. There were 321 SSAs & almost each had DE Vigilance post. Thus there is drastic reduction of DE posts.
When DE was heading vigilance of SSA, he was assisted by SDE. Now with 153 business areas there will be only SDE Vigilance.

BSNL follows CCS Leave Rules & Director of Estates Rules for quarters. Although BSNL has made its own TA Rules, CDA Rules , all rules have provision to follow FRSR CCS CCA Rules.
.DOPT guidelines etc in case of ambiguity. All these rules define head of Department, head of Office and powers are delegated to them. If we want to follow FRSR etc wherever applicable, BSNL should define who will exercise powers of head of Office in case of SSA HQ not colocated with BA Headquarters . BSNL should also make it clear which rules in P & T manual are still applicable & publish them for guidance of officers and public. In absence of rules, it beco6very difficult for field units to answer RTI.
At least schedule of administrative powers,
Rules in Vol 12 regarding procedure for giving shifting connections & Vol 14 regarding TRA should be available

PRAVEEN AGARWAL Wed, 26 Aug 2020 12:10:46 GMT +5.5

Pls demand to give CGHS Medical benifit to serving employees as no cashless facilities available in CTD.

P R Patel Thu, 20 Aug 2020 09:53:39 GMT +5.5

It comes to notice that union is pursuing the case alloted quarter retention to vrs optee at nominal rate now what is update

Dhiraj Kumar, CS, ALTTC , Ghaziabad Wed, 12 Aug 2020 01:21:30 GMT +5.5

Reg. Insurance of menbers

insurance of members may kindly be introduced in the association

Biradar Sun, 09 Aug 2020 13:22:37 GMT +5.5

Waking up from slumber due to Membership Verification, majority Assn has started highlighting E2 and E3 IDA Pay Scales in its manifesto.

Everyone of us aware that this is the Assn that has spoiled IDA implementation to revised Pay of 3rd PRC by boycotting negotiation table. This is a sure highhandedness that is causing severe financial loss to both serving as well as retirees.

Despite DPE orders that no PSU can have non standard IDA pay scale, our PSU along with DoT is igonorant even now.

This fact has been ignored to put brave fight to drag our PSU to DPE on it violating DPE orders and still having non standard E1A and E2A IDA pay scales which is illegal on the part of BSNL.

This Assn claims to be the majority one but either not acting to safeguard the interest of employees or going to deep slumber or just adopting its own path thereby ignoring needs / opinion of members.

Voter to have self introspection while voting and atleast now.

A k Sun, 26 Jul 2020 23:08:03 GMT +5.5

Close this association . And merge with snea

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