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Past visitors wrote:

Krishnakant Mon, 22 Jul 2019 14:29:04 GMT +5.5

Why none concentrates on commitments given to BSNL optees and BSNL? Cabinet note of Sep'00 envisages ever viable BSNL. What DoT has done to ensure its viability for the past 2 decades? Now, how it is calling BSNL as loss making? Then why none claims the DoT as flouting its own cabinet note?

If it is ever viable, then no question of loss. If no loss as all the loss incurred by rural and economically unviable services will be fully compensated by DoT which is the 100% owner, no question of unaffordability.

Then how DoT can deny 3rd PRC pay revision with 15% weightage which only DoT has constituted and approved.

With even 2nd PRC not implemented fully wherein 78.8% IDA merger is not paid from 2007 but only from 2013 again citing loss of BSNL, that time onwards none of individual BSNL optee nor any Association or Trade Union claimed to fix full responsibility and onus on the part of DoT.

Same silence and unclaimed or unpointed out DoT mistakes is only causing us total loss.

See how the non-absorbed ones are getting fully revised CPC pay and we the faithful optees are taken for ride everytime and feel ditched. Why are we, either individual or Association, not acting in this regard?

Is it the mistake of optees who opted? Absorption was en masse and without any ceiling on every Cadre or Grade of BSNL posts. Post en mass absorption and now, DoT itself claims BSNL to be overstaffed and drains revenues on major scale towards pay. How is it that this serious point is not escalated. Cause is DoT and also the reason is DoT but blame and damage is for BSNL optee. Is it correct to take the blame on us, quietly and meekly? Its appalling and sad story continuing even today.

Mistry Wed, 17 Jul 2019 11:12:39 GMT +5.5

An order limiting retired Executive to continue as an office bearer of any Executive Association as up to 6 months is issued, quoting already existing provisions in the rule.

When there was provision, how it has allowed a retired executive to continue for almost 2 years as GS of that Association?

What is the use in issuing such letter quoting that rule at this time when their AIC plus election is on? Is it not a blatant collusion?

Prakash Thu, 04 Jul 2019 17:27:13 GMT +5.5

What is the meaning of "be ready to sacrifice"???

Who is going to get sacrificed or is he going to execute sacrifice??

No emojis possible....!!

Balbir Thu, 04 Jul 2019 11:31:55 GMT +5.5

New flows arbitrarily and randomly on BSNL from every direction.

Frequency of flop flop is increasing like VRS, no VRS, Staff reduction, no staff reduction, salary delay, salary 50% borne by DoT and 50% borne by GoI, etc.,

Seems DoT is cracking nuts to streamline setting things in order. For not even thinking on BSNL and its viability, soon after the multi pronged banding by elected people representatives, DoT has crept up from deep slumber to pamper on what is to be done.

Had it been devoting some percentage of this kind of attention over this PSU, it would have been vibrant and viable, profitable and productive to earn profit.

CPC implemented and PRCs are not implemented. Courtesy, DoT and its indifferent attitude all these two decades.

Majority Assn is in similar state of DoT on how to proceed. The members' subscription flows directly and hence is in bizzy mode thus allowing any opinion from any media flow unquestioned over BSNL. Thanks to them too. Only the personnel of this PSU feel perturbed on what will happen.

Jose, Kerala Mon, 01 Jul 2019 15:23:34 GMT +5.5

1) BSNL should obtain license for starting Payment bank.
2) BSNL should start IPTV
and DTH service thro
channel partners
3)All CSCs in BSNL should be
handed over to franchisees for operation

R.Ramesh, PA, Tirunelveli Sun, 30 Jun 2019 12:05:51 GMT +5.5

Customer complaint mechanism should be improved. we should introduce a system wherein as soon as a customer book a complaint sms/email alert should reach the concerned staff right from TT to SDE/DE concerned.

On line bill payment portal should be improved. Customers should receive receive receipt immediately as being issued by others [LIC etc.]

R.ELAMURUGU SDE (G)/SATHY ERODE SSA Sat, 29 Jun 2019 10:55:03 GMT +5.5

5G BTS equipements canbe designed thro ITI/IIT which yields good revenue to the government of INDIA as well as to develope 5G equipements export throughout the world market needs

R.ELAMURUGU SDE (G)/SATHY ERODE SSA Fri, 21 Jun 2019 12:37:12 GMT +5.5

how to improve revenue to BSNL?
1.introduction of 5G technology with high profit orientated marketting and plans,peoples wants quality and speed and they are not much worried about cost.
2.gradual increase of tariff for existing plans on 3G & 4G
3.Marketting the products by revenue sharing basis on agreement with high profit making marketting agencies
4.reduction of expenditure with go green policy.
5.reducing EB expenditure by replacing with solar energy
6.reduction of excess staffs working in bsnl by reducing retirement age to 58

V L N MURTHY Tue, 18 Jun 2019 10:53:25 GMT +5.5

Is IPTV service still available from BSNL? I think it was one of the failure stories of BSNL. We could not do the business in right time when everything was available in its platter be it 3G, Video calling, IPTV, satellite phone etc when same were in demand in public. We have created a market and left it other competitors. Success in any business lies in doing the same in right time, otherwise new technology, and new products make them outdated.

Balbir Mon, 17 Jun 2019 12:05:08 GMT +5.5

We have had high hope when it was announced that Telecom PSUs will be made viable.

But, with current news that BSNL will not be allowed to continued 2G GSM service as the licence for this about to get lapsed in 2020. Reason mentioned by DoT was losses incurred.

This means we may not get any spectrum and not even re-allotment.

What is the fun in running this PSU?? Is it only a lip service that this PSU will be made viable??

All TUs must rise up to either demand roll back of this PSU as it will be a matter of damaged pride to continue as National level Telecom Service Provide when we are not getting any previlege from the owner. Is it determined to literally close down??

Are our comrades sensitized of the danger?? Every personal of this PSU is made to feel for working here??

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