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News pertaining to February 2008

  • 28.02.2008: BSNL has shortlisted six companies—GTL, Quipo, Essar, XL Telecom, TVS and Aster Teleservices—to hire cell towers.Read More...

  • 26.02.2008: BSNL has decided to pay Income Tax on perquisite of quarters on behalf of employees for the financial year 2001-02 to 2007-08. Recovery from employees will be decided later.

  • 26.02.2008: DPE has circulated the cabinet decision on merger of IDA to all the ministries.

  • 25.02.2008: CHQ writes to administration on two weeks mandatory training:'this  condition  to  successfully undergo  the training for earning second increment in  the  scale seems  to be similar to the one termed as `Efficiency  Bar'  once available  in  all pay scales and subsequently abolished  by  the Government.' Read More...

  • 22.02.2008: It is reliably learnt that Management Committee of BSNL has approved reimbursement of cost of mobile handset to BSNL executives to the extent of Rs.1500/- for JTO/JAO, Rs.2500/- for SDE/AO and Rs.3500/- for STS.

  • 21.02.2008:CHQ writes to CMD on IDA scale for AAOs:'The above pay scale (11875-17275) was given on provisional basis, pending finalization of the issue by the Ministry of Finance which was under a wrong impression that this cadre of BSNL is not an organized accounts cadre. Now that the Ministry of Finance has corrected its stand and accepted it also as an organized accounts cadre, there is no reason why the above IDA Pay Scale granted on provisional basis cannot be declared as the final one'. Read More...

  • 20.02.2008: CHQ writes to Minister: 'We would like to submit that there will be no necessity for issue of IPO for the purpose of generating funds, either in the present or in the future, if only BSNL is allowed to function with real autonomy and is allowed to plan and execute its expansion expeditiously.'  Read more...


    An Article on the above matter written by Com S Ratnasubramanian and appearing in TESA website ( seems to be interesting and answers many queries. The Article is reproduced in our website as it is. Read the Article and check the calculation sheet

  • 16.02.2008: The  Petitions of some ITS Group A Officers against the DoT Orders for absorption of Group A Officers in BSNL which are pending before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court for last  two years came up for  hearing  on 7th February  2008. The Advocate for the Petitioners  stated in the Court that in the meeting with the Ministry some decisions have been taken on the issues raised and the Ministry  is now seeking for approval of Cabinet for the same. If the Government concedes to their demands, the cases may be withdrawn.  They requested for deferment of the hearing. The case is now to be heard on 13th March 2008. There is no denial that the ITS Association have taken full advantage of more than two years  time that they got to build pressure to extract some more concessions from the Government. Since the BSNL Unions/Associations also did not put pressure on DoT for early settlement of the Group A absorption issue once the deadline for submitting option was over and cancel the deputation of the non-optees  to BSNL, it  helped these Officers most. Now the position is that the cases could be withdrawn if the Cabinet agrees to the latest proposals of DoT extending more concessions to the Group A Officers. However if the Government does not agree and the cases continue, the Court might have to pass the Orders.

  • 12.02.2008: CHQ Circular: "We must protect our dignity at any cost. We also want our service conditions to be improved. Management shall not be allowed to deprive us of the dues on one pretext or the other. Our approach on issues shall be constructive and genuine. We will not make empty noises and we assure you that we mean business. Our activities will go to prove that this is not merely ‘another’ Association....."
    We assure you that we shall seek and obtain the advice and guidance  of elders and utilize their experience in settling important issues."
    Read more..... 




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