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  • 27.02.2009 : DoT issues Presidential Directive for revision of IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives: DoT has approved the proposal of BSNL regarding the pay scales, fitment formula, DA guidelines and other relevant issues as per DPE guidelines. The arrears are payable in two installments of 40% and 60% as proposed by BSNL.  As we had reported on  14.01.2009, JTO and SDE will get  revised IDA pay scale of Rs 16400-40500 (E-1) and Rs 20600-46500 (E-2) pay scale respectively.  These scales will be provisional till DPE approves the non-standard pay scales (Rs.18000 plus to 40500 and Rs.22000 plus to 47000) for JTOs and SDEs, as proposed by BSNL. View DoT Notification...        We reproduce our report dated 14.01.2009: "14.01.2009: Revised IDA Pay Scales for BSNL Executives:  The revised IDA Pay Scales, as approved by BSNL Board in its meeting held on 07.01.2009, are now under examination in DoT. It is learnt that BSNL Board has approved a proposal which will allow the existing incumbents in the IDA scale of Rs 9850-14600 (JTOs/Equivalent etc) and Rs 11875-17275 (SDEs/Equivalent) to get fitment benefit as per Government approved formula [@ 30% on basic pay + 68.8% DA on 1.1.2007] in the revised IDA pay scale of Rs 16400-40500 (E-1) and Rs 20600-46500 (E-2) pay scale respectively, pending finalization of their revised IDA pay scales (Rs.18000 plus to 40500 and Rs.22000 plus to 47000). The presidential directive is likely to be issued by DoT incorporating this proposal so that DPE need not be consulted right now for approval of any non standard pay scales and all Board level and Non Board level Executives could be extended the benefits simultaneously. This implies that the present arrangement in regard to revision of pay scales for JTOs/Equivalent and SDEs/Equivalent cadres will be provisional. "

  • 26.02.2009 1345 Hrs: Revision of IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives: After approval from the Minister, the file is being processed in DoT and Presidential Directive can be expected to be issued any time now.

  • 25.02.2009 : BSNL issues guidelines related to LTC as  part of expenditure management. View orders...

  • 25.02.2009 1030 Hrs: Revision of IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives: Minister of Communications is reported to have approved the proposals. DoT is expected to issue Presidential Directive shortly.

  • 24.02.2009: BSNL issues orders on Revision of tariff of WLL/Land line services and use of 95 level: 'STD facility (zero dialing) with dynamic locking system should be provided to all customers by default with whom 95 facility is available except in those case where the customer expresses his unwillingness (in writing) to take '0' facility.' Read More...

  • 23.02.2009: EPF interest rates remain unchanged at 8.5%: 4.4. crores subscribers of Employees' Provident Fund will receive a pay out of 8.5% interest rate for the fiscal 2009 the third year in a row. The fund's reconstituted Central Board of Trustees (CBT) at its 186th meeting held on Sunday has decided to retain the interest rate at the same level as last year. -PTI

  • 19.02.2009: BSNL constitutes a committee on framing of rules and regulations governing conduct of membership verification BSNL Executive Associations. View letter...

  • 19.02.2009 1430 Hrs: REVISION OF IDA PAY SCALES FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES – ITS PRESENT STATUS: Secretary DoT, on his return from abroad is reported to have cleared the file. The file is said to be lying with Minister's office now. After approval by Minister, DoT will issue the Presidential Directive.

  • 17.02.2009: BSNL issues one more order modifying the circle of posting for SDEs who have been promoted to STS adhoc.  View order...

  • 17.02.2009: BSNL issues transfer orders in the cadre of EE (Civil). View orders...

  • 17.02.2009: BSNL notifies Competitive Examination for outside recruitment of JTO (Telecom), JTO (Civil) and JTO (Electrical). View Notification...

  • 12.02.2009: AIBSNLOA CHQ website was launched this day last year.  In the past one year it has earned reputation for factual, transparent, un-biased and bold reporting on all issues.  Its visitor-base is spread over the entire country, cutting across cadres and affiliations.  It has gained identity as the voice of base level Executives, which otherwise goes unheard in the high-pitched rhetoric all around.  We are thankful for the support from all corners and vow to pursue the unique path with more determination.

  • 12.02.2009: DEMANDS OF OIL SECTOR EXECUTIVES: It is learnt that the Committee constituted to examine the various issues raised by the Oil Sector Executives, whose agitation was unfairly crushed by the Government, has completed its task and the report submitted. The Committee is said to have considered other recommendations made by different CPSEs in respect of their Executives.  Obviously, BSNL is not figuring among these CPEs, since no issue was recommended by it. However, it may be recalled that our Association had directly taken up some common issues immediately after the decision of the Government on PRC report was communicated to all concerned Administrative Ministries/Departments [ view our letter ...]. We have to wait for some more time for the outcome of this exercise undertaken by the Government.

  • 12.02.2009:All India GSM subscriber figures for January 2009: View sheet...

  • 11.02.2009: REVISION OF IDA PAY SCALES FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES – ITS PRESENT STATUS: It is reliably learnt that DoT Finance has today cleared the BSNL proposals for revision of IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives and has sent to Secretary DoT for his concurrence. After clearance by Secretary, DoT, final approval will have to be given by MoC.

  • 11.02.2009:BSNL circulates its stand on representations for revision of seniority in SDE Telecom. View Circular...

  • 11.02.2009:BSNL issues another circular calling for  ACR of some more SDEs for promotion to DE Adhoc.  View Circular...

  • 10.02.2009: DoT alleges operators not passing revenues earned under bundled handset offerings: The DoT has sought clarification from operators including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar and Idea Cellular for what it alleges failure of these operators to report revenues earned through bundled handset offerings. “It has been noticed that no revenue is being shown under the account head from sales of handsets in the quarterly statement of revenue and licence fee submitted by you on self-assessment basis as per terms and conditions of the licence agreement. It has been pointed out to the department that bundled minutes are being offered discounting the cost of handset by the companies. The revenues from this activity are not being indicated in the declared self-assessed adjusted gross revenue (AGR) submitted by your company in the year 2006-07 and 2007-08,” said DoT. “The service is also shown as generating nil revenue in the current year. The definition of AGR in the licence condition and the norms for preparing of accounts in the licence are being violated to this extent. It is required that clarifications on the above may be furnished to DoT at the earliest,” added DoT. (Courtesy: TT)

  • 08.02.2009: BSNL calls for ACRs of SDE (Telecom) for considering for promotion to DE Adhoc. View list 1....          View list 2....

  • 06.02.2009: DPE revises IDA rates: DPE has issued orders for payment of IDA at revised rates w.e.f. 1.1.2009 for employees who have been allowed revised IDA scales (2007) as per DPE OM dated 26.11.2008. View orders...

  • 06.02.2009:BSNL issues one more order modifying the circle of posting for SDEs who have been promoted to STS adhoc.  View order...

  • 02.02.2009: REVISION OF IDA PAY SCALES FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES – ITS PRESENT STATUS:   During the last couple of days, a strong message went from one corner to the other in the country that the proposed revision of IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives is facing rough weather and it is likely to be lost. A call was also given to the Executives to awake, unite and fight. In one website it was reported that CMD, BSNL has recalled the file from DOT for review of the proposal in view of bad financial position of BSNL. But the informed sources say where from the CMD, BSNL calls back the file when no file was at all sent to DOT? BSNL had only sent a detailed proposal in the form of a letter. Moreover, the proposal was duly approved by BSNL Board only a fortnight back, duly keeping in view the already deteriorated financial position of BSNL. This position did not change overnight to create a condition to withdraw and review the proposal. DOT, as usually happens during the course of examination of any proposal, had raised a query about capability of BSNL to meet the burden of additional expenditure in the background of its continuous loss of profit. In this regard BSNL received an official communication from DOT on last Friday and this has also been replied with the concurrence of CMD, BSNL who is now in abroad. Now DOT has to further process the proposal. Those who regularly visit our website may recall that on 28.01.2009 we reported that “Member (Finance), Telecom Commission had raised certain queries regarding the proposal sent by BSNL on revision of IDA Pay Scales. The concerned senior Officers from BSNL visited Sanchar Bhawan in this connection and clarified the same“. Now it is established beyond doubt that our report was fully correct. The communication from DOT carrying the same query to BSNL was only to get clarification from the competent authority. Now that the query has already been replied in writing, the process should move on in DOT. We must keep in mind that since Presidential Directive has to be finally issued by DOT, the approval of Hon’ble Minister of Communications in DOT’s file would be necessary. Therefore, our Association did the right thing by meeting and raising the issue with the Hon’ble MOC at his native place on 01.02.2009 (as already reported in this website).  Our centre of activities therefore now should be DOT Headquarters at Sanchar Bhawan and NOT the BSNL.

  • 01.02.2009: Trichy Comrades meet Minister on IDA pay revision issue: Our Trichy comrades of Tamilnadu Circle, Com.T.Gunasekaran, District Secretary, Com.S.Kamaraj, Circle Org.Secretary and Com.S.Benjamin Arockiaraj met MOC Shri.A.Raja at Perambalur, his native place and handed over a memorandum requesting his intervention for early issue of Presidential directive for implementation of revised IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives.  They explained to him that the unwarranted delay has given room for speculations resulting in anxiety of the BSNL Executives.  Minister assured them to take care of the issue after returning to Delhi. View Memorandum...   View Picture...



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