Increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2019:

According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers for December 2018 (301), January 2019 (307) and February 2019 (307), IDA will increase w.e.f. 1.4.2019 by 2.6% from 138.8% to 141.4%.


Awareness of CFA new initiative 2:

BSNL CO has made a new initiative of providing free broadband to alll the land line customers for a period one month from the date of activation.   View letter


Trasnfer and postings in CAO grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of transfer and postings in CAO grade.   View orders


LICE for promotion to JTO held on 201.2019 - addendum to results:

BSNL CO has issued addendum to the merit list circulated on 8.3.2019.   View orders


Consolidated guidelines for deputation to other outside organisations - reconiseration thereof:

BSNL CO has reconsidered the guidelines issued on 19.2.2019 and has decided that fresh applications of depuation to TRAI may be considered subject to compliance of prescribed conditions.   View orders


All India eligibility list 2018 in JTO (Civil) grade:

BSNL CO has circulated the AIEL 2018 in JTO (C) grade - provisional seniority from seniority number 1121 onwards.   View orders


Schedule-wise list of central public sector enterprises:

DPE has circulated Schedule-wise list of Central Public Sector Enterprises as on March 2019. BSNL continues to be placed in Schedule-A. [See the Floating Window on the left for criteria for Categorisation of the Schedule of CPSEs.]   View list


Promotion from Ps to PPS grade in Haryana circle:

BSNL CO has issued orders promoting two PSs to PPS grade in Haryana Circle.   View orders


Appointment of candidates belonging to Halba Koshti/Halbi Koshti/Koshti etc against vacancies reserved for Scheduled Tribes:

BSNL CO has clarified that those belonging to Halba Koshti/Halbi Koshti/Koshti etc castes are not eligible for reservation under ST category and has directed action against false certificate holders.   View orders


Tenure transfers in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued two orders of tenure transfers in SDE (T) grade.   View orders



BSNL employees heaved a sigh of relief on Friday, after they finally got their February salary credited to their accounts. There are happy exchanges in WhatsApp Groups, as if they got some Bonus after a long wait. Some have gone to the extent of thanking their Leaders for ‘resolving’ the salary issue, forgetting that these Leaders had done nothing on the matter.   Read More


Lessons one must learn gracefully - Editorial from AIBSNLREA E-journal:

The strike call given by some BSNL unions/associations, to the disappointment of all stake holders, finally ended with no relief. Those who spearheaded the agitation may perhaps now like to introspect themselves where they committed the mistake and then eventually failed to deliver. As we know that some voices, from within themselves, are being raised now questioning the very conviction and wisdom of the leadership on the priorities fixed on the issues taken up by them. However, we do not like to get into these, since we were neither a party to the agitation nor do we, being the retired employees, have any scope to bargain with the Government – even though every one of us wanted positive solution of the issues that were taken up.   Read More


BSNL to clear February salary of employees by Friday - CMD:

He said that DoT helped BSNL with Presidential Sanction to meet working capital of the company and a letter of comfort for the same was issued to the company on Wednesday. "We will serve letter of comfort to bank tomorrow following which they will start processing amount of Rs 3,500 crore to working capital requirement of BSNL," Shrivastava said.   Read More


Meeting with General Manager (Pers):

GS along with Com.V.K.Sharma CHQ Finance Secretary, met GM (Pers) yesterday and discussed the following issues:

1. Seniority list of TES Group B approved by Supreme Court:

We pointed out that the present seniority list was approved by the Supreme Court and has attained finality and therefore BSNL letter calling for objections now is not in order and we reiterated that no change can be made even based on any objection. GM (Pers) agreed to consider our objection.

2. Deferment/cancellation of MT Internal Examination:

We explained, based on our letter dated 8.3.2019, how fixing the inter-se-seniority issue will become a major issue consequent to recruitment of only internal candidates, as the examination for external candidates is already on hold. Further seniority issues will arise when the Cadre Hierarchy is implemented. This will be like providing an opportunity for further court cases. We also pointed out the futility in eligible Executives appearing in the examination while they are already in higher scales. After prolonged discussions, GM (Pers) agreed to get our contentions examined.

3. Promotion to DGM (T) grade:

Since the time limit for raising any objections towards the circulated seniority list of DEs will expire shortly, we requested early action on holding DPC for promotion to DGM (T) grade. GM (Pers) agreed that action will be taken after disposing of objections if any, received.

4.Deputation to other Departments/PSUs:

We requested that restrictions on deputation of BSNL Executives to other departments/PSUs be removed and all those are willing to go on deputation should be allowed to go. GM (PERS) agreed to consider our request favourably.


Equivalance posts in CPSE with posts in Government for establishment of creamy layer criteria:

BSNL CO has as a general principle decided that all the Executive level posts in CPSEs i.e., Board level and below Board level Executives will be considered as "creamy layer".   View letter


Guidelines relating to company cost transfers:

BSNL CO has decided that inter-circle and intra circle transfers even beyond 3 years on request will be considered as at own cost of the employee, as a cost cutting measure, for a limited period of 6 months.   View letter


Transfer and postings in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of transfer and postings in SDE (T) grade.   View orders


Transfer and postings in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of transfer and postings in DE/AGM grade.   View orders


Transfer and postings in DGM (t) grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of transfer and postings in DGM (T) grade.   View orders


Tenure transfer in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of tenure transfer in SDE (T) grade.   View orders


Transfer and postings in DGM (F) grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of transfer and postings/reallotment in DGM (F) grade.   View orders


Meeting with Addl. Secretary (DOT):

GS along with Com.V.K.Sharma CHQ Finance Secretary, met Additional Secretary, DoT today. The meeting was very brief as we had not taken prior appointment. We conveyed the frustration among BSNL employees due to non-payment of February salary till now and the growing perception that DoT is not doing anything to help BSNL out of the financial crisis. He informed us that DoT is in constant touch with BSNL Management, which has assured DoT that BSNL will be able to release salary payment before 20th March 2019 from its own resources. He wanted us to convey to the BSNL employees that this is a temporary thing and all efforts are being taken to ensure that this situation does not recur in the future. He said that the proposal for revival of BSNL will be considered in the ensuing Digital Communication Commission meeting, to ensure its viability. He added that DoT has to follow the prescribed procedures, for resolving the issues, including for allotment of 4G spectrum, which is with TRAI now. He also wanted us to categorically convey that DoT will never allow closure of BSNL. When we raised the issue of 3rd pay revision, he said that BSNL has to first overcome the present financial crisis and assured us that the pay revision will certainly be taken up at the appropriate time.


Awareness on CFA new initiatives:

BSNL CO has created a Bharat Fibre Demand Generation Portal to increase awareness and knowledge of BSNL employees about our products and services.   View letter


Meeting with General Manager (BFCI):

GS along with Com.Sanjay Vishnoi, AGS met GM (BFCI) today and requested early allotment of funds for salary. GM (BFCI) could not specify any date for releasing funds, as all depends on the daily cash flow from circles. He however said that he is monitoring the cashflow and is ensuring that the cash received is not utilised for other expenditures. Once the entire amount for disbursing salary to the remaining circles is available, funds will be released on the same day for all circles. We had general discussions about other possible sources of income in the near future.


General instructions with regard to joioning educational institutions outside normal office hours:

BSNL CO has issued general instructions with regard to joioning educational institutions outside normal office hours for pursuing higher qualification through correspondence/Distant learning/part time in respect of Executives/Non-Executives of BSNL.   View letter


CHQ writes to CMD requesting deferment/cancellation of MT recruitment examination:

'As recruitment of Management Trainee (External) has already been put on hold for indefinite period because of Letter No.74-1(1)/2018-Rectt dated 10.01.2019 issued by BSNL which stated that: - “Recruitment Process for MT (External) of Telecom Operation in BSNL has been put on hold till further intimation”, if examination is held only for internal candidates, then this may create a problem at the time of fixing of inter-se-seniority.'   Read More


CHQ writes to CMD on Delayed and piecemeal salary payment for the month of February 2019:

'We believe that BSNL Management is taking all efforts to release the salary to all left out circles on top priority and we earnestly request not to release the salary in piecemeal, in future.'   Read More


Transfer and postings in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued three orders of transfer and postings/cancellation of transfer in DE/AGM grade.   View orders


Meeting with OSD to MOSC and OSD to Secretary, DoT:

GS along with Com.Manoj Tiwedi, CHQ President TOA and Com.S.P.Sharma, GS BSNLWRU today met OSD to MOSC and OSD to Secretary, DoT separately on the issue of non-payment of salary for February 2019. Both of them informed us that DoT is monitoring the situation. They said that the Letter of Comfort will be issued shortly and hoped that the situation will improve and payment of salary will not be an issue from next month onwards.


Non-payment of salary for February - Meeting with GM (SR) and GM (BFCI):

GS and AGS Com.Sanjay Vishnoi met GM (SR) and GM (BFCI) today and discussed about non-payment of salary for February 2019. Both of them could only say that it all depends on cash flow in the coming days. GM (BFCI) said that all pending dues upto December 2018, including remittance towards Provident Fund, Insurance, Bank loans etc have been cleared with the available resources and February salary is delayed due to this. He hoped that the situation will ease if IT refund, which is due, is received shortly.


CHQ writes to Director HR on futility in calling for objections in seniority list of TES Group B circulated vide BSNL letters dated 7.8.2018 & 8.8.2018:

We would like to draw attention to the fact that the said BSNL letter dated 8.8.2018, under Para 2 has clearly mentioned that “The Hon’ble Supreme Court has upheld the Seniority List as per Rule-2016 in its Judgment dated 14.12.2017. The Hon’ble Supreme Court in its Judgment states “The Judgment of this Court in (2015) 12 SCC 360 (Supra) will be treated as final between the parties on the principle of seniority.” Hence, in compliance of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 21.02.2015 and 14.12.2017 in Civil Appeal No(s) 4389 of 2010 Union of India & Ors Vs. Sohan Lal Sayal & Ors and connected Cas, Seniority List of TES Group B executives has been recast on the basis of qualifying examination (Rule 206).”   Read More


Final seniority list in Senior Architect grade:

BSNL CO has circulated the final seniority list in Senior Architect grade as on 1.10.2018.   View letter


Promotion orders issued on 29.6.2018 in DE/AGM grade - Conclusion/Cease of promotion orders:

BSNL CO has decided that promotion orders, in respect of those who have not joined the promoted post till date, shall stand cancelled/ceased with immediate effect.   View letter


Holding of LICE for JTO (T) - different URL link for registration:

BSNL CO has circulated new URL link for registration which will remain live upto 25.03.2019.   View letter